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Closed Polls

Living the Work from Home Lifestyle

Our usually fast-paced life  rushing to office, going from one meeting to the other, brainstorming with colleagues, strategising, debating, and planning  has come to an unfortunate stop. All offices had no other option but to adapt rapidly to the work-from-home regime to sustain. The employees, on the other hand, were assigned to cope with the daily demands of the job. So, to understand how these employees were managing work, we conducted a poll with 3,219 respondents. We asked how work from home was panning out for them to which 33.33% of respondents say their workload has become considerably lighter. Some of the respondents (30.88%) are experiencing something quite opposite as they believe that they are working more while some (11.56%) do not like working from home at all. 12.55% of the respondents have yet to figure out this current lifestyle as they can't say much on the subject. And sadly enough, 11.68% of the people have been laid-off by their respective companies.

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How is working from home working out for you so far?
I am working more than I used to in office.(30.88%)
My workload has become lighter(33.33%)
I have been laid off(11.68%)
I do not like working from home.(11.56%)
Can't say(12.55%)
Votes: 3219

The New College Life with Coronavirus in Life

2020 began not only with an outbreak of the coronavirus but also with an outbreak of massive confusion and anxiety. All activities, be it business or recreational, came to a halt. And as a result, so did the college admissions. Students who were supposed to get admissions into college this year stand clueless about their future. All their plans have gone haywire, and we thought we would try to understand their concerns better by carrying out a quick poll. We asked 3,306 students how things had changed for them after the onset of the pandemic to which 28.86% say that the colleges are shut, and they have no idea as to the status of the new admission cycle. 26.47% of the respondents say that the admissions have been completed and the classes are being conducted online. 10.65% of the students couldn't give their entrance exams, and 14.58% of the students say that the colleges are shut but the admissions are taking place online. A significant minority comprising of 19.45% of the respondents are still confused and can't say much on the subject. For them, clarity and college life seem to be a far-fetched dream. 

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Were you planning or preparing to go to college this year? How have things changed for you?
Colleges are shut. We have no idea about new admissions.(28.86%)
Admissions are done but the classes are happening online.(26.47%)
We couldn't give entrance exams because of the outbreak.(10.65%)
Colleges are shut. But admissions are happening online.(14.58%)
Can't say(19.45%)
Votes: 3306

Catching-Up on The Beauty Sleep

Our daily routines have gone for a toss since the day the lockdown began. No longer do we set alarms, only to be snoozed multiple times, before we leave our beds. There's now no rush to beat the maddening office-hour rush on roads. And there is definitely no need to gobble-down our breakfast to reach office on time. The lockdown has lulled it all. So, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll to check the magnitude of this lull in people's lives. We asked 4,250 respondents how many hours they sleep in a day. Most of the respondents (45.51%) say that they sleep for 8 hours on an average while 26.61% sleep for 6 hours and 18.99% for a solid 10 hours. Some people break this record and sleep for an even longer duration. 5.58% of the respondents sleep for 12 hours and 1.65% of them for 14 hours straight. There exists yet another sleep-loving lot who exceeds this duration much to the annoyance of their parents, we presume who sleep for 16 hours (0.82%) and more (0.85%).

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On an average how much are you sleeping these days?
6 hours (26.61%)
8 hours(45.51%)
10 hours(18.99%)
12 hours(5.58%)
14 hours(1.65%)
16 hours(0.82%)
More than 16 hours(0.85%)
Votes: 4250

Shaken or Stirred?

Who doesn't like to cool down in the blazing heat with a drink on the rocks? We certainly do. For some it's Vodka Martini with a twist of lime and for some a glass of chilled sparkling wine. We, at Opinion Bureau, thought we'll do a quick poll to see which cocktail gets a round of three, or maybe more, cheers. A clear winner emerged in Pina Colada with 18.62% of votes. It's closely followed by Whiskey Sour (14.52%), Bond's favourite Martini (12.97%), and the very spirited Margarita (12.89%). Other popular drinks include the Bloody Mary (6.27%), the fizzy Mimosa (5.60%), the Long Island Iced Tea (2.55%), and last but not the least, the zesty Sidecar (2.28%). Out of the 3,732 respondents we asked, there is also a group of respondents (24.30%) who are teetotallers. They don't drink and have other ways to beat the summer heat.

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What is your favourite day cocktail?
Pina Colada(18.62%)
Bloody Mary(6.27%)
Whiskey Sour(14.52%)
I don't drink(24.3%)
Votes: 3732

A Road Less Travelled By

Travel comes as part and parcel of the 21st century lifestyle. Be it for work for pleasure, people travel to-and-fro in the comforts of their plane seats without even thinking twice. All thanks to the convenience of booking tickets via mobile phones in a jiffy. You just have to pack a bag and hop onto the plane. The pilot does the rest ? dropping you off at your thousands-of-miles-away destination, safely. Covid-19 has, however, put a big question mark for all such travel plans. Conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau, asked 2,720 people whether they had any travel plans before the restrictions were imposed due to coronavirus. Majority of the people (60.51%) say that they did, in fact, have travel plans before these restrictions while 32.32% of the respondents didn't have any plans. Whereas 7.17% of the respondent say that they might have had plans from before.

The Best-Laid Plans Go Astray

Covid-19 has brought with itself multitudes of changes. The biggest one being in the form of restrictions it has imposed on our mobility. So, to take count of how it affected the lives of people, we conducted a poll with 2,622 respondents. We asked them whether they had booked tickets in advance before the travel restrictions were imposed or not. 33.79% of the respondents replied in affirmative as they had booked tickets to confirm their travel status. 60.26% of the respondents didn't book any tickets but were definitely planning their travel. A small group of respondents, comprising of 5.95% of the people, said that they hadn't booked their tickets yet but had already applied for visas.

A Mayday for Refunds?

One of the most affected business during the pandemic air travel  is literally flying without any navigation support. The fear of the virus along with the restrictions imposed by the governments, has brought the travel business to a complete halt. These unprecedented effects have been a nightmare for them as well as the people who pre-booked their flights. To get a clearer picture of the situation, we asked 2,570 people whether they received a refund for their bookings or not. 40.70% of the respondents, or the lucky lot, were reimbursed in full while the not-so-lucky 46.70% didn't get any refund. 13.23% of the respondents, on the other hand, received a partial reimbursement for their booking amounts.


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Did you have travel plans before the travel restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 spread?
May be(7.17%)
Votes: 2719

Who stands with WHO?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. With their endeavour to keep the world healthy and safe, they train health workforces, improve access to essential medicines, and address issues ranging from mental health to climate change. They also gear towards preparing, preventing, and detecting health emergencies, like the one we are dealing with now COVID-19. In these trying times, however, its biggest donor, the United States, has pulled its funding. This decision has fuelled many debates as people like Bill Gates and Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, think that the international community should unite in solidarity to stop the virus. Furthermore, to gauge what the common man had to say about this, we conducted a quick poll with 2,546 people. 44.50% of the respondents think it unwise to stop the funding as they believe this wasn't the right time, whereas, 40.38% of them consider this a good move as for them, WHO seems to be biased in its outlook. 15.12% of the respondents, however, can't say much about the issue.

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United States being the single biggest donor to WHO has pulled its funding amid the pandemic. Do you think it's a good move?
No. It's not the time to stop fundings.(44.54%)
Yes. WHO has been favouring some over others.(40.41%)
Can't say.(15.13%)
Votes: 2544

Pandemic and Pay-Cuts

Who would have thought a pandemic would hit us in 2020? And that too with such force. Companies have taken stringent measures to keep themselves afloat  be it in the form of salary pay-cuts or even in the laying-off of staff. Big conglomerates from Walt Disney to The Times Group to Marriott have also undertaken such steps to survive these uncertain times. So, at Opinion Bureau, we decided to conduct a poll to understand what the people had to say about this. The majority of the respondents (32.45%) said that all employees have to take a pay-cut while 19.43% of respondents say that only 1st and 2nd class employees have to do so. 21.04% of the respondents are receiving their full salaries while, on the other hand, 9.43% of them have been laid-off. 17.66% of the respondents have not heard of any such news and, therefore, they can?t say much on the subject.

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Corona virus has put world and governments in tricky position. A lot of countries are implementing pay cut. Are you experiencing the same?
Yes. All the employees have to take pay cut.(32.45%)
Yes. But only 1st and 2nd class employees.(19.43%)
No. We are getting full salaries.(21.04%)
I have been laid off.(9.43%)
Can't say. We have not got such news yet.(17.66%)
Votes: 1920

Is Work From Home Really Working?

Coronavirus has led us into unfamiliar territories. Our daily lifestyle routines have gone for a toss and with it our workspaces. All over the globe, people have switched to a 'work from home' mode, and to see whether this mode was really working or not, we asked 1,767 people what they thought about it. 49.01% of the respondents who are working from home are not facing any difficulties and are managing just fine. 26.77% of the respondents, however, are finding it difficult to cope with it all. 11.60% of the respondents, on the other hand, say that they have lost their jobs while 12.26% of the respondents are in a fix as they can't say much on the subject.

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Are you working from home? Is it difficult to manage jobs from home?
Yes. It is not difficult, I'm managing just fine.(49.01%)
No. I lost my job.(11.6%)
Yes. It is difficult to manage work from home(26.77%)
Can't say.(12.62%)
Votes: 1767

Quarantining and Chilling or Quarantining and Whining?

Being locked-down in a place is not that easy. We are so used to our busy lifestyles that our mind and body cannot fathom this new state of idleness. What it does, therefore, is pushes us to pursue our long-lost hobbies. So, we at Opinion Bureau thought that there isn't a better topic than this to conduct our latest poll on! We asked 1,647 respondents how they are spending their time in quarantine and if there is a hobby they are pursuing. Most of the respondents (63.57%) say that they are entertaining themselves by watching TV or catching up on shows and movies on other entertainment portals. 12.75% of the respondents are keeping themselves healthy by working-out and 3.95% of them are working on their mental health with meditation. 10.75% of the respondents are keeping their tummies happy by cooking while 7.23% of them are keeping their homes green with gardening. Only 1.76% of the respondents say that they do not have any hobby, making us wonder what they are doing to spend their time. Getting their beauty sleeps, maybe!


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How are you spending time in quarantine?
Watching TV and entertainment.(63.61%)
I don't have a hobby(1.76%)
Votes: 1646