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From Being Social Butterflies to Maintaining Social Distancing

Human beings are social animals. Mingling with friends and family and having a good laugh with them gives us pure joy. And the truth behind this can be verified by numerous scientific theories. One such being the famous Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. As people, we need to feel connected, but like you very well know  the pandemic is forcing us to do something quite the opposite. We have no other choice but to cut down our social life and follow the rules of social distancing. Video calling, however, is helping people stay connected in these trying times. And to see how often people resort to it, we conducted a poll with 1,952 respondents. We asked them how frequently they did a video call with their friends and family, to which 23.87% revealed that they only do one video call a day while 18.08% of the people like seeing their loved ones so much that they call them many times in a single day. 24.80% of the respondents have a quota of three to four calls in a week, while 5.64% of the people get their fill by doing a video call more than five times a week. 12.70% are not so active and do a video call only once a week, whereas 10.14% of the respondents hardly indulge in video calling with a smaller group of respondents (4.76%) claiming that they never really do any!

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Since the Covid 19 social interaction has become very limited. How often do you video call your friends and family?
Once a day everyday.(23.87%)
More than once a day everyday.(18.08%)
3-4 times a week.(24.8%)
More than 5 times a week.(5.64%)
Once a week.(12.7%)
I hardly do video calls.(10.14%)
I don't do video calls at all(4.76%)
Votes: 1952

The History of History

Some people believe in 'rewriting history' while some feel happy is the country which has no history. Whatever the case may be, there is no escaping the fact that we all have a history. Be it a nation, religion, community, or you and me we all have a history we can't deny. The question, however, is how accurate is that history. Can we really trust our history books prescribed in our curriculums or not? Taking this subject matter forward, we asked 2,099 respondents what their take was on this. 60.79% of them think that these books do have authentic details, and they accept and learn it to the letter. 32.59% of the respondents feel that our curriculums conveniently omit a lot of information, clearly indicating their view of history being manipulated by those in power. A small group of respondents (6.62%), however, have a completely different understanding of the issue; they are of the view that there is no point talking about history. This last group, therefore, seems to belong to a more 'live-in-the-moment' kind of a group.



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Every nation has a history and every curriculum has history books. Do you think your history books have all the authentic details?
Yes. We accept our history and learn about every detail.(60.82%)
No. Our curriculum conveniently omits a lot of information.(32.6%)
Maybe. There is no point talking about history.(6.63%)
Votes: 2098

Travel Plans and The Pandemic

The list of things we'll all do when the pandemic is over is mounting each day. A simple stroll in the park or a hot cup of tea with friends has sadly made it to that list. Along with these simple pleasures, another thing that's missed is the love for travelling. The scare of the covid-19, however, has ruined all its charm. And, to see whether people were ready to forgo their love for travelling or not, we conducted a poll with 1,879 respondents. We asked them about their travel plans  if they are ready to travel once the travel restrictions are eased or will they stay put until the virus has died down completely. 29% of the respondents are eagerly waiting for the government to show the green light so they can travel again, while 21.87% of the people won?t travel until covid-19 is over for good. 19.16% of the respondents have no other choice but to travel as their line of work demands it, and 16.07% of the respondents are quite strict about their views of not travelling for a year at least. 9.15% of the respondents will hit the road only in the safety of their cars, while 4.74% of them don't know whether they are up for it or not. It looks like that the travel industry will have to suffer a bit more until the uncertainty in the minds of the people fizzles out.




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Do you plan to travel as soon as travel restrictions are eased up?
Yes. I can't wait to travel.(29.06%)
Yes. I have to travel for work.(19.16%)
No. I'm not traveling at least for a year.(16.07%)
Yes. But only when I'm driving my own car.(9.15%)
No. I won't travel until Covid19 is over for good.(21.87%)
I don't know.(4.74%)
Votes: 1879

Gardening: Rooted in the heart? 

Gardening is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and effort to take up gardening. It isn't just about watering the plants on time or keeping them in direct sunlight; it is about your passion for them. So, to get a better insight about how popular gardening is, we asked 2,370 respondents whether they liked it or not. As per the poll, the majority of the respondents (61.86%) have a deep-rooted love for gardening. 22.24% of the respondents like plants but don't have the right know-how to look after them, while 11.98% of the respondents prefer to lend a helping hand to their family members. Only a small group of respondents (3.92%) don't like gardening at all and perhaps prefer to admire their beauty in someone else's garden.

Human Nature Finding Peace in Nature

The lockdown initiated due to the pandemic is responsible for many changes in our lives. One of which is the restriction imposed on our movements. We are all so used to being busy in our lives that not going somewhere or not doing something fruitful, shakes up our core. Our human nature propels us to work and follow a routine for our sanctity. So, to appease this side of our human nature, many people turned to Nature for help. We noticed a pattern wherein many people started gardening during the lockdown. And to get a clearer picture, we asked 2,305 respondents whether they have also followed this path or not. 44.95% of the people responded with a resounding 'yes' ? they have recently discovered the simple pleasures of gardening. 32.28% of the respondents were already fans of gardening and have plants from before, while 15.53% of the people won't be starting to garden any time soon as they feel they are clueless on this subject. There is, however, a little hope with 7.25% of our respondents who reveal that they keep researching about it; they haven't mustered up to the strength to start it yet.

Keeping Up with Gardening 

Gardening is no bed of roses. It comes with its fair share of thorns. Its daily maintenance and the constant tender, love, and care is not so easy. And more the number of plants, more the difficulties. You have to be quite a pro to handle many plants, and to find out how many people are actually pros at it  we asked 2,269 respondents how many plants they have in their homes (including indoor and outdoor both). 15.82% of them have more than twenty plants in their homes, while 8.73% have more than fifteen, and 16.48% have more than ten. 9.56% of the respondents look after ten plants, 12.08% tend to eight, and 15.25% only have five plants. 15.60% of the people have less than five plants, and 6.48% have no plants at all. The verdict, therefore, seems to point at the fact that many people have got the right skill sets to keep up with the toils of gardening.

Gardening: A Hobby or Therapy? 

Some relationships in life are unique. They transform and heal you without any compromises or demands. And our relationship with plants is also something like this. When we nurture a plant, it nurtures us back. It soothes us, bringing a smile on our face, naturally. And the need for this relationship in the times of covid-19 has been of utmost value. Seeking a definitive answer to this, we at Opinion Bureau asked 2,237 respondents whether gardening as a hobby has helped them cope better with the pandemic. And the responses we received has only reaffirmed our view further. 43.99% of the respondents, for instance, find gardening as a natural therapy. 36.43% of them say that it gives them a routine and a purpose when they are locked-up in their homes, with nowhere to go. Only a small group of respondents (7.38%) find maintaining plants to be a big hassle, while 12.20% of the respondents don't have gardening as a hobby. It seems, therefore, gardening has its perks, apart from the obvious beauty it brings into our lives.

Love at first sight, seed, and smell.

When it comes to plants, everyone has their favourite. Some might like it because of the fragrance it emits, some might like its distinctive colour, and some might just like the fact that it comes with a no-maintenance policy. So, to see which plant rated the highest amongst all, we asked 5,997 respondents about their five favourite indoor plants. The most popular vote goes to the soothing vibe of Aloe Vera (20.23%), followed by the elegant Peace Lily (15.16%), the draught-resilient Cacti (10.37%), the evergreen Snake Plant (8.47%), and the beautiful Succulent (8.09%). Other popular species include Monstera with 7.37% of the respondents rooting for it, Philodendron with 6.02% votes, and ZZ Plant with 5.67%. Completing the list, Dumb Cane is popular among 5.69% of the respondents, Pothos with 4.77%, and Fiddle Fig Tree with 4.47%. Only 3.70% of the respondents don?t agree with this list at all, and their favourites, perhaps, lie somewhere else.

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Do you like gardening?
Yes. I love gardening.(61.88%)
I like plants but don't know anything about gardening.(22.25%)
My family does. I help sometimes.(11.99%)
I don't.(3.93%)
Votes: 2369

Cheers, On The Rocks!

Some call it a sure-shot way of relaxation, and some call it a fun way to celebrate; a drink (or maybe two) has a different meaning for all. Everyone has their favourite, but which drink scores high on taste for all is a mystery. So, to see which drink is loved unanimously, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll with 3,938 respondents. 19.63% of the respondents love the fresh brew of grains they get in a pint of beer, while 19.07% like to savour the smoothness of grapes in wines. The preference for whiskey follows next with 14.45% of votes, and then there is the absolute favourite vodka with 8.94% of the votes and the sweet rum (4.47%) made with sugarcane. The list continues with Mexico's famous number  Tequila (4.60%), followed by the very zesty Gin (3.81%), the classic scotch (3.02%), and finally ending, on the warm spirits of Brandi (1.57%). The remaining group of 20.44% of the respondents is made of teetotallers for whom on the rocks, probably has a different meaning altogether. 

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What is your favourite drink among these?
I don't drink alcohol(20.44%)
Votes: 3938

Eating-Out: In or Out?

With Unlock 1.0 and 2.0 in action, the restaurants are now ready to serve their sumptuous delicacies to food-lovers all over. The question, however, is whether people are ready for this experience or not. Everyone is already sceptical of ordering food at home, but with the dine-in services being back on the menu, no one really knows what's up in the minds of the consumers. So, conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau asked 3,309 respondents whether they had started going out to restaurants or were planning to go anytime soon. 30.34% of the respondents say that they haven't been to any restaurant and are quite sure that they might not step into one this year. 25.14% of the respondents have started going to restaurants as they couldn't wait any longer, while 30.70% of the respondents who haven't been to one are planning to go very soon. 13.81% of the respondents have gone out once or twice but say that they will avoid it as much as they can. Precaution, it seems, is the flavour of the year.

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Since a lot of places have started opening up, have you started going out to restaurants yet?
No. I might not this entire year.(30.35%)
Yes. Couldn't wait any longer.(25.15%)
No. But I'm planning to go soon.(30.71%)
Yes, once or twice. But I'll avoid as much as I can.(13.81%)
Votes: 3308

The Spread of Coronavirus and Vegetarianism

Coronavirus is not just a virus that infects the respiratory tract. It also impacts the minds of the people by instilling fear and multitudes of unanswered questions. It has brought about an alteration in our lifestyles , the way used to move, work, party, and eat. Yes, eat. One of the changes seen with the spread of coronavirus is in the dietary habits of people. There is now a significant shift in the food choices people make, and we conducted a poll with 3,178 people to check the extent to which the spread of COVID-19 had affected the consumption of non-vegetarian food. 23.13% of the respondents have modified their eating habits and switched to a vegetarian diet, while 46.07% of the respondents love non-vegetarian food too much to give it up. 14.66% of the respondents have altered their diets and now stick to a vegetarian and a seafood selection only. Some people (11.83%) were always vegetarian, while some (4.31%) have now turned vegan.

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Has the spread of Corona changed the consumption of non-vegetarian food for you?
Yes. I now prefer to eat vegetarian food only.(23.13%)
No. I can't quit non-vegetarian food ever.(46.07%)
Yes. I prefer vegetarian and seafood only.(14.66%)
I was always a vegetarian.(11.83%)
I have turned vegan recently.(4.31%)
Votes: 3178

Coronavirus: 2020s Biggest Horror Story?

Coronavirus has instilled a fear in the minds of all. For some, this fog is lifting while for some, the horror story seems to continue. Not many people are ready to leave the safety of their homes to return to their normal routines. Restaurants and shopping malls are not their usual busy selves; they are desperately waiting for customers to come back and splurge like they used to. Conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau asked 3,335 respondents whether they think that the scare of the virus is dying down amongst people or not. 60.90% of the respondents think that the scare is going down as people are acting like everything is back to normal. 17.06% of the respondents don't agree with the motion but feel that it is high time people realise the facade of the virus. 11.24% of them think that maybe the scare is receding as coronavirus isn't such a big deal while 10.79% of the respondents cannot comment on the situation yet. It seems, therefore, the fear induced by the biggest horror story of 2020 will leave some more nightmares in its wake. 


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Do you think the scare of Corona has drowned down amongst people?
Yes. People are acting like everything is alright.(60.92%)
No. I think it's time to realise it was all fakel (17.07%)
Maybe. Corona isn't a big deal.(11.25%)
Can't say.(10.8%)
Votes: 3334

Is productivity down in the lockdown?

One thing that has been the only constant in the lockdown is change. Everything from our mood and eating habits to sleeping patterns and work-wear has seen a massive alteration. And it isn't only our lifestyle that has witnessed a monumental transformation but also the way we used to work. The question of our productivity in the new work-from-home regime is one of the biggest concerns during the lockdown. So, with work from home becoming a new normal, we asked 3,494 respondents whether working from home had affected their productivity in any way. Most of the respondents (34.03%) say that the new working schedule has, in fact, helped them get more productive. 32.66% of the respondents, on the other hand, feel that they were more productive in the office while 22.04% of them believe that not much has changed. 11.28% of the respondents, however, can't seem to decide whether their productivity has undergone any modification in the lockdown or not. To sum it all up, we can safely conclude that work quality hasn't suffered much due to the lockdown as most of the people have found ways to either maintain or boost their productivity.


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Has working from home affected your productivity?
It has helped me get more productive(34.03%)
I'm more productive in office(32.66%)
It's the same for me(22.04%)
Can't say.(11.28%)
Votes: 3494