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Closed Polls

The Green-Rise or The High-Rise?

The 21st century comes with its fair share of problems the disappearing green belts in favour of concrete jungles. Cities and towns are being choked with high-rise structures that seem to touch the skies. And at Opinion Bureau, we took it upon ourselves to unearth how the people were feeling about this phenomenon. 

We asked 984 people whether they would invest in more green area coverage or more high-rises in their towns and cities. To our pleasant surprise, a colossal majority of 69.11% of respondents want to invest in more green areas. Only a very small set of people of 4.37% of respondents would opt for high-rises if given a choice between the two. A group of respondents comprising of 19.61% of people want the right balance between the two and 4.67% of respondents do not care about this problem; they are good either way. There is yet another group of 2.24% of respondents who are still not sure, clearly highlighting how they are indifferent to the environment and its concerns.

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Would you invest for more green area coverage in your city/town or highrises?
Yes. I want more green area.(70.03%)
No. I like highrises.(4.43%)
There should be right balance between the two.(19.88%)
I'm good either way.(4.74%)
Not sure.(2.27%)
Votes: 971

Spoilt For Choice: Food or music? 

Food and music have a proven record of uplifting one's mood. They are a sure-shot winner when it comes to killing those sad, depressive hormones. And together, they are a sensational combination of happiness-boosting and pleasure-enhancing stimulants. Marketers use this very insight to accentuate our dining experience at restaurants. So we, at Opinion Bureau, thought we'll try to figure out the extent to which this stands true . does good music really have the potency to impact one's appetite?

We polled with a total of 704 respondents wherein the majority of the people, i.e. 47.87% of people, said that their favourite music will make their food taste better. 17.76% of the respondents feel that bad music will dampen the taste of food to some extent and 8.10% of respondents strongly feel that it will be a definite "spoilsport". Only a small group of people consisting of 26.28% of the respondents feel that their love for food will overpower the bad music playing in the background. For these 184 foodies, the music will fall on deaf ears and the food will win the battle between taste and audio receptors.  

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Your restaurant is serving your favorite food and playing terrible music. How will it affect your appetite?
No effect. I love my food(27.25%)
Favorite music will make it better(49.63%)
It'll dampen the taste to some extent(18.41%)
It'll be a total spoilsport (8.39%)
Votes: 679

The Flavours of Music 

Without music, life would be a mistake, said Friedrich Nietzsche. Without music, fine dining would be a mistake, says all restaurants and foodies in the world. Have you ever noticed how every restaurant plays background music to match the ambiance of the place. They do it purposefully to enhance your fine dining experience that would remain etched in your minds forever. At Opinion Bureau, we wanted to go a step further to understand what type of music hits the right chord Is there a unanimous winner or the vote is divided

We conducted a poll with 837 respondents and asked them what kind of music they'd love while enjoying their meal in a restaurant. 26.76% of the respondents think that music and food should create a harmony of sorts as the music should depend on the food. For 25.93% of the respondents, instrumental music is just perfect while for 18.28% of the respondents, any music with a slow tempo will do the trick. A solid 15.05% of people want country music to play in the background and 8.60% of the respondents want to hear their favourite vocalist singing their favourite tunes. Only a small group of people consisting of 5.38% of respondents don't seem to care for the music; for them, good food is the music.

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What kind of music you'd love when you're enjoying your food in a restaurant?
It depends on the food(27.65%)
Country music always(15.56%)
Instrumental goes well for me(26.79%)
Slow tempo(18.89%)
My favorite vocalist(8.89%)
I don't care(5.56%)
Votes: 810

1 . Movies Watched in A Week

The Blockbuster Movie Week

Who doesn't like watching movies? It is the perfect stress-busting and mood-transforming therapy of sorts. So we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll to find out how many movies people watch in a week. Out of the 999 people we asked, 49.95% of them watch less than 3 movies in a week and 26.33% of them watch less than 5 movies in a week. 14.91% of the people watch less than 10 movies and 4.60% of them watch less than 15 movies in a week. There is also a small group of people comprising of 4.20% of respondents who don?t watch any movie at all. We live in a country where two to three movies release in a week on an average, thus it comes as no surprise that so many people indulge in watching their favourite actors star in different roles.

2 - OTT Platform Consumption Hours in A Week

The Good Times Spent with OTT Platforms

At Opinion Bureau, we like to stay updated with the modern ways of life. We wanted to gauge how the contemporary way of consuming content ? the OTT platforms like Hotstar and Netflix ? was changing the habits of people. So we asked 963 people how many hours they spent on OTT platforms as compared to television. 20.35% of the respondents say that they consume content on OTT platforms for about 20 hours a week. 23.47% of the respondents spend 15 hours and 25.13% of them spend 10 hours on them weekly. 10.38% of the respondents spend less than 10 hours a week on these platforms while some of them, i.e. 12.67% of them, do not watch Netflix or any other OTT platform. This new format, therefore, seems to engage the majority of the audiences well, taking up much of their time in a week.

3 - Entertainment Genres

A Genre for Every Mood

The way we consume content has radically changed over time. We now pick the genre as per our mood. If we are single and low, we might resort to romance to rekindle the hope of finding true love. If we are with friends on a night out, we might go for comedy. If we have an inkling towards sharing ghost stories, then horror movies or shows are our go-to fix. So to see which genre is the most popular, we at Opinion Bureau, conducted a poll on the consumption habits of modern-day consumers.

We asked 957 people which genre they like the most out of which 40.75% of the respondents say that they love comedy. 27.59% of the respondents are fans of suspense and thrillers while 13.58% of them are those who enjoy horror. Meanwhile, 14.21% of people find solace in romance. What was surprising was when the two loved genres ? romance and comedy ? came together, they somehow lost their charm. Only 3.87% of the people voted for romedy as their favourite genre.

4 - How do you consume visual entertainment the most

Entertainment at Your Convenience

We are a leading survey agency that works towards collecting people's opinions. We don't restrict ourselves in any way by asking questions on any topic you can think of. In our latest survey on entertainment, we set out to find the medium on which most of the people consume visual entertainment.

We discovered that when it comes to consuming content, convenience wins over any other parameter. Mobile phones are the most preferred choice for viewers with a strong majority of 40.47% of the respondents voting for it. The second most popular medium of consumption is the old-school TV as 39.52% of the respondents consume content on television in the comforts of their home. 17.30% of respondents use laptops and only 2.73% of them prefer tablets.

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How many movies do you watch in a week?
less than 3(50.0%)
less than 5(26.35%)
less than 10(14.93%)
less than 15(4.61%)
Votes: 998

A Way of Life(Style)

Lifestyle, a single word with a thousand emotions, is not just a way of life; it is a way of life that one aspires towards. And undeniably, there's always a gap between the two. So to understand what people would do to bridge these two worlds, we at Opinion Bureau, ran a survey on lifestyle. 

We create polls to gather people's opinions on topics extending from world politics to fashion and lifestyle. For our latest survey, we set out to ask 581 respondents a hypothetical question on lifestyle ,given a choice, what would they spend their spare money on. The answers to which we are sure were accompanied by sighs and wishes that they come true.

Out of all the respondents, 40.62% of the people said that they will spend the spare money on their house and home comforts. 41.14% of the respondents will spend it on travel and entertainment. (No wonder the boom in the entertainment industry!) And finally, 18.24% of the gizmo-loving respondents will spend their spare money on fancy gadgets and tech. 

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Given the choice, what would you spend spare money on?
House and Home comforts(41.92%)
Travel and entertainment(42.45%)
Gadgets and tech(18.83%)
Votes: 563

High Rates On High Days and Holidays

Vacations. A time to relax and plan a trip. But really, who are we kidding? Holiday companies increase their fees on the very day school vacations begin, hampering thousands of people from enjoying their break. Our latest survey addresses this issue itself � should holiday companies increase their fees during the times of school vacations or not. We, at Opinion Bureau, conducted a poll with 642 respondents out of which 33.02% of the people had a very pragmatic approach. They think that this is part and parcel of supply and demand, thereby, justifying the price hike. 29.28% of the respondents also think it practical to increase the fees but at rates that are affordable for all. Most of the people, i.e. 37.69% of them, however, think of this as something which is clearly unfair. For them, high rates on high days and holidays are a big no-no.

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Should holiday companies increase their fees during school vacation times?
Yes, this is supply and demand(33.87%)
Yes, but at a reasonable level(30.03%)
No, it is clearly unfair(38.66%)
Votes: 626

Automobile Industry 2.0

Technology is rapidly transforming the world we live in and it doesn't come as a surprise that the automobile industry is advancing towards this change. We at Opinion Bureau conduct polls on various issues to see what people feel about the developments happening around them. So for our latest survey, we set out to dive deep into what people think about electric vehicles being the future of the automobile industry are people welcoming this change or are they reluctant to adapt.

The poll was conducted with a total of 1,584 respondents and the reactions we got were completely mixed. A solid 65.53% of the people agreed that electric vehicles are the future as they are a better and a greener option for the society. 14.14% of the people think that electric vehicles are the future because they are a cheaper option when compared to conventional cars. 4.04% of the respondents call this new trend that would soon phase out and 4.48% of the people think of it as being an unsafe mode of travel; for them, it is difficult to trust a battery-operated vehicle on roads.

A small group of respondents couldn't really make up their minds as 3.54% of the respondents simply replied with a "can't say". 1.52% of the respondents wanted to stay in vogue and responded by saying that it can be the future if it's "in fashion". 6.76% of the people think electric vehicles will be the future only if it's affordable. We guess we'll have to wait and watch as to what this renaissance of the automobile industry has in store for us.

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Do you think electric vehicle is the future of automobile industry?
Yes, of course. Green option, clean option.(66.24%)
yes, it is said to be the cheaper option compared to conventional cars. (14.29%)
No, it is just a fad. (4.08%)
No, it is not safe. I do not trust the battery operated cars.(4.53%)
Whatever is in fashion(1.53%)
If it is affordable(6.83%)
Can't say(3.57%)
Votes: 1567

The game changing deal for professional footballers



Football ,a game of strength, focus, and sheer bravado , is loved and appreciated by all. The passion for the game is such that it transcends beyond geographical boundaries to unite people of all classes, age, and gender. So, we thought we'll conduct a poll on footballers to gather what the fans think about them.


We, at Opinion Bureau, conduct surveys on a wide array of topics ranging from food and health to sports and games. For our recent survey, we asked 513 respondents whether their favourite professional footballers are paid too much.


The majority agreed that the remuneration paid to professional footballers is indeed very high. 48.34% of this majority thinks that high compensation increases the prices for the fans. 30.21% of the respondents are of the opinion that a high pay will, in turn, skew the competition; thereby hampering healthy competition and threatening the sanctity of the sport. Only a minority of 110 people or 21.44% of the respondents feel that the skill of footballers deserves to be compensated well. They do not believe that professional footballers are paid exorbitantly , they think their blood and sweat is worth every cent.

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Are professional footballers paid too much?
Yes, it is increasing prices for the fans(50.71%)
Yes, it skews competition(31.44%)
No, they are worth it(22.72%)
Votes: 493

Smile  The Best Social Medicine


At Opinion Bureau we strive to understand people and their choices better. We conduct polls on a variety of topics ranging from world politics and economy to mental health and social self. For our latest survey, we ran a poll to gauge the sociability aspect of people; whether they have the patience to reciprocate a simple gesture that won't even take a second a smile.

The survey was conducted with a total of 665 respondents and the question was simple , how do you react if a stranger smiles at you. The majority of the respondents, i.e. 78.95% of the people said that they smile back if a stranger passes a smile at them. For 9.32% of the respondents the smile won't register and for 11.73% of the people ignore is bliss.

So the next time you feel that someone needs a smile, do not hesitate. Chances are that your smile will be acknowledged and even reciprocated. And even if it isn't  we suggest you keep at it. 


A World That Swears to Swearing


Known for carrying out surveys on a multitude of issues, we ensure that our data is thought-provoking in its content. Our recent survey is no less where we try to discover the why, where, and when behind the act of swearing.

Swearing is often regarded as obscene and sometimes even illegal, but this doesn't serve as a deterrent when people resort to swearing in different situations. Out of the 657 people we asked, 30.75% of the respondents agreed that they swear when they are angry and 26.33% said that they swear when in the company of friends. 20.09% of people simply agreed to swear all the time while a minority of 22.83% of the people clearly denied any use of expletives.

The survey, therefore, revealed a staggering majority lapsing into abusive language, be it conditional or otherwise. What was alleviating, however, was the 150 people who believed in the power of language to communicate their feelings.

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If a stranger smiles at you, how will you react?
I'll smile back(79.43%)
I won't register(9.38%)
I'll ignore(11.8%)
Votes: 661