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Closed Polls

The Temptations of Online Shopping

Who hasn't bought things online only to realize later that they never needed them in the first place That is the magnetic pull of digital marketing. The beautifully photographed product is placed in an eye-catching creative with a headline that taunts our every sensibility to click and purchase the product NOW! One has to be really impervious to their charms to scroll through the net without falling prey to the click bait. To get better insights into this phenomenon, we conducted a poll with 3,156 respondents. On being asked whether they often buy things online that they don't need, 24.30% respond with a resounding yes as they do this all the time. 34.25% also agree to this while adding that they indulge in such instinctual purchasing only once in a while. 34.51% of the respondents know how to resist such temptations and buy only the products they require, 4.97% reply with an indefinite maybe, and 1.96% can't say much on the subject.

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Do you often buy things online that you don't need.
Yes. All the time(24.3%)
Yes but sometimes only(34.25%)
No. I only buy what I need(34.51%)
Can't say(1.96%)
Votes: 3156

What Fits Your Fitness Regime?

Everyone has a workout routine set out for themselves. They get into the fitness gear, tighten those laces, stretch a bit, and crank up their favourite playlist to full volume. It gives them their daily boost while keeping them physically and mentally fit. Those who are hooked to working out agree that a little sweat goes a long way for a healthy body. In today's world, where there are multiple workout options available to suit various body types, we conducted a poll with 2,964 respondents to see which regime was preferred by them. 29.72% favour the good-old Jogging while 25.47% swear by the ancient wisdom of Yoga. 17.04% would rather sweat it out with Weight Training and 13.43% prefer the classic Cardio routine. Some people like to keep things fun with Cross Fit (6.41%), some with free-flowing Dancing (0.57%), and some follow Other regimes (7.35%).


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Which of the following workout regime do you prefer?
Lift weights(17.04%)
Votes: 2964

The Online Trend

Whatever we wish to purchase has been made available online. Be it an important news article or the latest fashion collection  we no longer need to step out of our house to procure it. Sitting in the comforts of our home (or while attending an official zoom meeting), we can scroll through thousands of websites to get what we require. So much so that we get notifications on our mobiles for whatever is trending in the world.

For a more nuanced understanding of this topic, we conducted a poll with 2,782 respondents. 50.65% of them say they frequent shopping sites to get their hands on the latest collection in the market, while 27.28% visit news sites to keep themselves up to date. 7.40% love viewing magazines online, and 6.69% log on to cooking websites to prepare some sumptuous delicacies at home. 7.98% of the respondents also visit various other websites to stay informed.

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Which of the following website do you visit frequently?
News sites (27.28%)
Shopping sites(50.65%)
Online Magazines(7.4%)
Cooking Websites(6.69%)
Votes: 2782

Electric Engines: An Efficient Alternative?

With concerns about the depleting natural resources and the rising global temperatures, a much sought-after solution has finally emerged in the form of electric vehicle engines. Be it international luxury brands or affordable ones  every automobile company has started incorporating this change. People are also looking forward to switching to electric cars as it takes care of the planet and the pocket (which is currently affected by the increased petrol and diesel prices). There are, however, questions regarding the efficiency of this new technology that needs addressing. Automobile brands will have to be mindful of communicating the same in the years to come. In the meantime, we thought we'll conduct a poll to see what the perception of electric vehicle engines is do people feel that it is more efficient than petrol and diesel engines. Out of 3,119 respondents, 58.67% feel electric engines are more efficient, while 15.71% think they aren't. 20.42% say it might be more efficient, and 5.19% can?t say much on the subject.

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Do you think electric vehicle engines are more efficient than petrol and diesel engines?
Can’t say(5.19%)
Votes: 3119

Overview of Personal Car Categories

The pinnacle of modern man's invention, cars, have transformed the way we commute. Everyone buys a car according to their requirement, and in a world with such a nuanced product differentiation, it won't be wrong to say there is a car for everyone. Cars have made travelling easier, saving time and increasing productivity. More so, it is not just a status symbol anymore; it is now a necessity. And so, we conducted a poll with 3,316 respondents to see which type of car they own. The most popular among the list are SUVs with 28.08% of respondents voting for them. 19.87% own a Sedan, 18.34% drive a Hatchback, 5.13% prefer Micro cars, and 3.26% are comfortable with their Minivans. The category is further divided as 25.33% of the respondents have invested in other types of cars.

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Which type of car do you own?
Votes: 3316

The Excessive Times of Political Campaigns

Much is said about the immoderate expenditure carried out by political parties during election campaigns. They are under constant scrutiny by people, the press, and the Election Commission, and yet the desire to win over the vote bank makes them violate all legal and ethical codes. The amount spent knows no bounds and perhaps would be enough to eradicate the poverty of millions if the thirst for political power was not so potent. We, thus, decided to conduct a quick poll with 2,920 respondents on whether people feel the money spent by political parties during campaigns is justified or not. It did not come as a surprise that 71.08% of the respondents think of it as a waste of the public's money. 19.28% see this political spending in a different way as they feel it is done for a good cause and is hence justified. A small group of respondents (8.06%) are not so sure about this subject and reply with an indecisive "I don't know."


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Do you think political parties waste money in their campaigns or is it justified?
I think they waste public's money.(72.23%)
No, it is justified and for a good cause.(19.59%)
I don't know(8.18%)
Votes: 2920

Television: A Complete Entertainment Package

A non-stop, economical, and fun entertainment medium, television never fails to come to one's rescue in times of need. It offers a wide array of choices in terms of content available for people from all walks of life. There are shows and channels for everyone  budding home chefs, busy businesspeople, curious young minds, nature lovers, and auto enthusiasts, to just name a few.

We, at Opinion Bureau, conducted a quick poll with 2,967 respondents, asking them which TV channels they watch the most. The majority of them (43.70%) say they tune into movie channels when the TV is on, while 18.40% get their fill of drama from daily soap serials. 16.54% prefer watching sports channels, 10.75% are there for insightful infotainment, and 5.56% love watching cooking shows. 5.05% of the respondents watch other channels to keep themselves entertained.

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Which of the following types of TV channels you watch the most?
Daily soap serials (18.4%)
Votes: 2967

The Most Favored OTT Platform

OTT platforms have changed the game of streaming movies and series. Gone are the days of going to the cinema for the first day first shows. People would now rather snuggle up in their beds not to mention in comfy PJs and watch movies and series at their leisure. What's interesting is the choices available in terms of content as well as the OTT platforms. Each streaming portal has exclusive content that has now come to define it. So, we conducted a poll with 3,152 respondents to see which platform is used the most for movies and series. Netflix emerges victorious of the lot with 37.13% votes, followed by YouTube with 30.18% votes. Other popular platforms are Amazon Prime (18.97%), Hot Star (5.79%), and the relatively new Jio TV (1.82%). 4.82% of the respondents also use other streaming portals to view content. With such a diverse range of answers, one thing is clear  people are spoilt for choice when picking an OTT platform.

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Which of the following platforms do you use the most for movies or series?
Hot star(5.87%)
Amazon Prime(19.23%)
Jio tv(1.84%)
Votes: 3152

With the digital world transforming every aspect of modern life, the day was not far when it would influence the way we learned. Gradually, the format of e-learning made its way, founding its ground because of the ease and convenience it offered. It is a refreshing change for all as the traditional learning methods were not enough to engage the over-active minds of 21st-century students. There is still an apprehension towards it, but many schools and colleges have started adopting e-learning modules. We conducted a poll on this issue, asking 2,694 respondents whether they think e-learning is better than traditional learning. A majority of the respondents (45.24%) chime a loud and definite yes. 32.71% of the respondents, however, prefer the old-school way of learning. Interestingly, 20.73%  a considerable chunk of the respondents reply with an indefinite maybe; they perhaps require some more time to get accustomed to the ways of e-learning to arrive at a final decision.

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Is e-learning better than traditional learning?
Votes: 2694