Polls Summary

Do you plan to travel as soon as travel restrictions are eased up?
Yes. I can't wait to travel.(29.06%)
Yes. I have to travel for work.(19.16%)
No. I'm not traveling at least for a year.(16.07%)
Yes. But only when I'm driving my own car.(9.15%)
No. I won't travel until Covid19 is over for good.(21.87%)
I don't know.(4.74%)
Votes: 1879 Closed on: 21-Jul-2020

Travel Plans and The Pandemic

The list of things we'll all do when the pandemic is over is mounting each day. A simple stroll in the park or a hot cup of tea with friends has sadly made it to that list. Along with these simple pleasures, another thing that's missed is the love for travelling. The scare of the covid-19, however, has ruined all its charm. And, to see whether people were ready to forgo their love for travelling or not, we conducted a poll with 1,879 respondents. We asked them about their travel plans  if they are ready to travel once the travel restrictions are eased or will they stay put until the virus has died down completely. 29% of the respondents are eagerly waiting for the government to show the green light so they can travel again, while 21.87% of the people won?t travel until covid-19 is over for good. 19.16% of the respondents have no other choice but to travel as their line of work demands it, and 16.07% of the respondents are quite strict about their views of not travelling for a year at least. 9.15% of the respondents will hit the road only in the safety of their cars, while 4.74% of them don't know whether they are up for it or not. It looks like that the travel industry will have to suffer a bit more until the uncertainty in the minds of the people fizzles out.