Polls Summary

What is your favourite day cocktail?
Pina Colada(18.62%)
Bloody Mary(6.27%)
Whiskey Sour(14.52%)
I don't drink(24.3%)
Votes: 3732 Closed on: 18-May-2020

Shaken or Stirred?

Who doesn't like to cool down in the blazing heat with a drink on the rocks? We certainly do. For some it's Vodka Martini with a twist of lime and for some a glass of chilled sparkling wine. We, at Opinion Bureau, thought we'll do a quick poll to see which cocktail gets a round of three, or maybe more, cheers. A clear winner emerged in Pina Colada with 18.62% of votes. It's closely followed by Whiskey Sour (14.52%), Bond's favourite Martini (12.97%), and the very spirited Margarita (12.89%). Other popular drinks include the Bloody Mary (6.27%), the fizzy Mimosa (5.60%), the Long Island Iced Tea (2.55%), and last but not the least, the zesty Sidecar (2.28%). Out of the 3,732 respondents we asked, there is also a group of respondents (24.30%) who are teetotallers. They don't drink and have other ways to beat the summer heat.