Polls Summary

How are you spending time in quarantine?
Watching TV and entertainment.(63.61%)
I don't have a hobby(1.76%)
Votes: 1646 Closed on: 10-Apr-2020

Quarantining and Chilling or Quarantining and Whining?

Being locked-down in a place is not that easy. We are so used to our busy lifestyles that our mind and body cannot fathom this new state of idleness. What it does, therefore, is pushes us to pursue our long-lost hobbies. So, we at Opinion Bureau thought that there isn't a better topic than this to conduct our latest poll on! We asked 1,647 respondents how they are spending their time in quarantine and if there is a hobby they are pursuing. Most of the respondents (63.57%) say that they are entertaining themselves by watching TV or catching up on shows and movies on other entertainment portals. 12.75% of the respondents are keeping themselves healthy by working-out and 3.95% of them are working on their mental health with meditation. 10.75% of the respondents are keeping their tummies happy by cooking while 7.23% of them are keeping their homes green with gardening. Only 1.76% of the respondents say that they do not have any hobby, making us wonder what they are doing to spend their time. Getting their beauty sleeps, maybe!