Polls Summary

Should Japan cancel the Olympics 2020 amid the increasing spread of Corona Virus?
Yes. It would be a sound decision.(89.39%)
No. We can soldier through(7.02%)
Can't say(3.59%)
Votes: 1922 Closed on: 10-Apr-2020

The Olympic Games 2020: A Whole New Ball Game

Olympics, a leading International Sporting Event has been uniting all the nations since the April of 1896. Conducted every 4 years, the Olympic Games with its motto of Citius  Altius  Fortius (Faster  Higher  Stronger), has kept us glued to our screens as we cheer for our country's athletes. The spread of the coronavirus, however, has stirred questions about its postponement and even its cancellation. So, we thought we'll take a quick poll of what people had to say about this. We asked 1,922 respondents whether they think Japan should cancel The 2020 Summer Olympics amid the increasing spread of coronavirus. 89.39% of the respondents think of it as a sound decision and support if fully whereas 7.02% of the respondents feel that we can soldier through it, clearly denying the need to cancel the event. While 3.59% of the respondents can't say much about the situation as they haven't made up their minds yet.