Polls Summary

Governments are urging people to use as less internet as possible during the lockdown. How likely are you to give up internet?
Not at all. We do not have any other mode of entertainment.(57.59%)
Very likely. I have already cut down my screen time.(33.15%)
Can't say(9.26%)
Votes: 1674 Closed on: 14-Apr-2020

From Traffic on Roads to Traffic Online


When the entire world is sitting at home, internet usage was bound to go up. Schools, colleges, and offices are now functioning via the use of the internet only. Online classes and meetings with clients require a solid infrastructure which perhaps isn't in place. In some markets Vodafone has already reported a 50% increase in data traffic while portals like Netflix and Amazon Prime have reduced their streaming quality to ease the burden on broadband networks. So, to conduct a poll to see whether people were ready to give up their internet services or not was a must. Most of the respondents, i.e. 57.59% of them, strongly denied this motion, claiming the internet to be their only mode of entertainment. 33.15% of the respondents have already cut down on their screen-time while 9.26% of them can't seem to take a side.