Polls Summary

Now that countries are lifting up lockdown, how do you think it will play out?
It's a relief. We were so bored at home.(18.76%)
It might be a bad idea. The spread of Corona might increase.(50.36%)
It's a good idea. It will help economy(25.3%)
Corona is over hyped. It's not a big deal.(5.59%)
Votes: 3380 Closed on: 07-Jun-2020

Getting back to life

What is the new normal? The world is still grappling between the pre-Coivd-19 memories and the current Coivd-19 reality. The lockdown, masks, and hand sanitizers have inevitably become an integral part of our life; we, however, can't get over the world where we could go out without a mask! The lockdown is being lifted by many countries, but no one really knows how things will pan out. Consequently, conducting a poll on the same, we asked 3,379 people what they had to say about this. 50.34% of the respondents do not think of this as a wise move as they believe that with an ease in the lockdown, coronavirus cases will shoot up. 25.30% of respondents harbour a contrary view as they feel this will help boost the economy. For 18.76% of the people, this is a welcome relief as they are bored in their homes while 5.59% of them think that coronavirus is a hyped affair  for them, it's not a big deal at all. With such mixed reviews, it seems, therefore, that getting back to our old lives will not be that easy.