Polls Summary

Corona virus has put world and governments in tricky position. A lot of countries are implementing pay cut. Are you experiencing the same?
Yes. All the employees have to take pay cut.(32.45%)
Yes. But only 1st and 2nd class employees.(19.43%)
No. We are getting full salaries.(21.04%)
I have been laid off.(9.43%)
Can't say. We have not got such news yet.(17.66%)
Votes: 1920 Closed on: 27-Apr-2020

Pandemic and Pay-Cuts

Who would have thought a pandemic would hit us in 2020? And that too with such force. Companies have taken stringent measures to keep themselves afloat  be it in the form of salary pay-cuts or even in the laying-off of staff. Big conglomerates from Walt Disney to The Times Group to Marriott have also undertaken such steps to survive these uncertain times. So, at Opinion Bureau, we decided to conduct a poll to understand what the people had to say about this. The majority of the respondents (32.45%) said that all employees have to take a pay-cut while 19.43% of respondents say that only 1st and 2nd class employees have to do so. 21.04% of the respondents are receiving their full salaries while, on the other hand, 9.43% of them have been laid-off. 17.66% of the respondents have not heard of any such news and, therefore, they can?t say much on the subject.