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What is your favourite drink among these?
I don't drink alcohol(20.44%)
Votes: 3938 Closed on: 29-Jun-2020

Cheers, On The Rocks!

Some call it a sure-shot way of relaxation, and some call it a fun way to celebrate; a drink (or maybe two) has a different meaning for all. Everyone has their favourite, but which drink scores high on taste for all is a mystery. So, to see which drink is loved unanimously, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll with 3,938 respondents. 19.63% of the respondents love the fresh brew of grains they get in a pint of beer, while 19.07% like to savour the smoothness of grapes in wines. The preference for whiskey follows next with 14.45% of votes, and then there is the absolute favourite vodka with 8.94% of the votes and the sweet rum (4.47%) made with sugarcane. The list continues with Mexico's famous number  Tequila (4.60%), followed by the very zesty Gin (3.81%), the classic scotch (3.02%), and finally ending, on the warm spirits of Brandi (1.57%). The remaining group of 20.44% of the respondents is made of teetotallers for whom on the rocks, probably has a different meaning altogether.