Polls Summary

Which of the following video conferencing app is widely used by your company ?
Google Hangouts(12.6%)
Google Meet(16.69%)
Skype For Business(21.06%)
Cisco Webex(3.64%)
Blue Jeans(2.39%)
. BigBlueButton(0.83%)
Uber Conference(1.79%)
Votes: 3134 Closed on: 02-Jun-2020

The Virtual Reality of Covid-19

The modern world could not be more grateful than it is today for the boon of technology. Amidst this lockdown, it is our go-to solution for everything. Call it a 3 a.m. friend or a hunger-satiating partner, the internet has kept us sane all this while. And more importantly, it has kept the world and businesses running. People are now connecting via video conferencing apps to conduct meetings and deliver their work. So, we at Opinion Bureau thought of carrying-out a poll to gauge which video conferencing app has proven to be the most helpful in these trying times. Out of the 3,133 respondents we asked, the popular vote goes to Zoom with 36.42% respondents vouching for it. It is then followed by Skype For Business (21.07%), Google Meet (16.69), and Google Hangouts (12.58%). Other small players include Cisco Webex (3.64%), Go To Meeting (2.90%), Blue Jeans (2.39%), Uber Conference (1.79%), and Slack (1.24%). The list doesn't end there; even smaller players like BigBlueButton and Appear.In share the load with 0.83% and 0.45% of votes, respectively. It seems, therefore, that a lot of apps and trust are behind the successful functioning of thousands of companies and at large, our economy.