Polls Summary

On an average how much are you sleeping these days?
6 hours (26.61%)
8 hours(45.51%)
10 hours(18.99%)
12 hours(5.58%)
14 hours(1.65%)
16 hours(0.82%)
More than 16 hours(0.85%)
Votes: 4250 Closed on: 20-May-2020

Catching-Up on The Beauty Sleep

Our daily routines have gone for a toss since the day the lockdown began. No longer do we set alarms, only to be snoozed multiple times, before we leave our beds. There's now no rush to beat the maddening office-hour rush on roads. And there is definitely no need to gobble-down our breakfast to reach office on time. The lockdown has lulled it all. So, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll to check the magnitude of this lull in people's lives. We asked 4,250 respondents how many hours they sleep in a day. Most of the respondents (45.51%) say that they sleep for 8 hours on an average while 26.61% sleep for 6 hours and 18.99% for a solid 10 hours. Some people break this record and sleep for an even longer duration. 5.58% of the respondents sleep for 12 hours and 1.65% of them for 14 hours straight. There exists yet another sleep-loving lot who exceeds this duration much to the annoyance of their parents, we presume who sleep for 16 hours (0.82%) and more (0.85%).