Polls Summary

Were you planning or preparing to go to college this year? How have things changed for you?
Colleges are shut. We have no idea about new admissions.(28.86%)
Admissions are done but the classes are happening online.(26.47%)
We couldn't give entrance exams because of the outbreak.(10.65%)
Colleges are shut. But admissions are happening online.(14.58%)
Can't say(19.45%)
Votes: 3306 Closed on: 21-May-2020

The New College Life with Coronavirus in Life

2020 began not only with an outbreak of the coronavirus but also with an outbreak of massive confusion and anxiety. All activities, be it business or recreational, came to a halt. And as a result, so did the college admissions. Students who were supposed to get admissions into college this year stand clueless about their future. All their plans have gone haywire, and we thought we would try to understand their concerns better by carrying out a quick poll. We asked 3,306 students how things had changed for them after the onset of the pandemic to which 28.86% say that the colleges are shut, and they have no idea as to the status of the new admission cycle. 26.47% of the respondents say that the admissions have been completed and the classes are being conducted online. 10.65% of the students couldn't give their entrance exams, and 14.58% of the students say that the colleges are shut but the admissions are taking place online. A significant minority comprising of 19.45% of the respondents are still confused and can't say much on the subject. For them, clarity and college life seem to be a far-fetched dream.