Polls Summary

Every nation has a history and every curriculum has history books. Do you think your history books have all the authentic details?
Yes. We accept our history and learn about every detail.(60.82%)
No. Our curriculum conveniently omits a lot of information.(32.6%)
Maybe. There is no point talking about history.(6.63%)
Votes: 2098 Closed on: 24-Jul-2020

The History of History

Some people believe in 'rewriting history' while some feel happy is the country which has no history. Whatever the case may be, there is no escaping the fact that we all have a history. Be it a nation, religion, community, or you and me we all have a history we can't deny. The question, however, is how accurate is that history. Can we really trust our history books prescribed in our curriculums or not? Taking this subject matter forward, we asked 2,099 respondents what their take was on this. 60.79% of them think that these books do have authentic details, and they accept and learn it to the letter. 32.59% of the respondents feel that our curriculums conveniently omit a lot of information, clearly indicating their view of history being manipulated by those in power. A small group of respondents (6.62%), however, have a completely different understanding of the issue; they are of the view that there is no point talking about history. This last group, therefore, seems to belong to a more 'live-in-the-moment' kind of a group.