Polls Summary

India has implemented a 3 weeks lockdown. How much would it help control the spread of the virus?
It would help a lot. It will break the chain of contagion.(88.69%)
No it will not help. It's a waste of time(6.17%)
Can't say(5.14%)
Votes: 1070 Closed on: 30-Mar-2020

Lockdown: Down to The Last Resort?

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives in just a few months of its spread. And, with no medical breakthrough in sight, it became imperative to initiate a lockdown in a country like India where the population density is very high. It was a very high risk to delay action at this point and any leniency would have been fatal. Conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau, asked 1,055 respondents what they think about this 3-week lockdown in India. Most of the respondents (88.63%) side with the government's decision as they believe that this will help fight the pandemic by breaking the chain of the contagion. 6.26% of the respondents, on the other hand, are critical of this move. They call it a sheer waste of time as they do not think that this is the most effective way to curb the virus. 5.12% of the respondents, however, are not clear about this situation and can't say much about the issue.