Polls Summary

How is working from home working out for you so far?
I am working more than I used to in office.(30.88%)
My workload has become lighter(33.33%)
I have been laid off(11.68%)
I do not like working from home.(11.56%)
Can't say(12.55%)
Votes: 3219 Closed on: 26-May-2020

Living the Work from Home Lifestyle

Our usually fast-paced life  rushing to office, going from one meeting to the other, brainstorming with colleagues, strategising, debating, and planning  has come to an unfortunate stop. All offices had no other option but to adapt rapidly to the work-from-home regime to sustain. The employees, on the other hand, were assigned to cope with the daily demands of the job. So, to understand how these employees were managing work, we conducted a poll with 3,219 respondents. We asked how work from home was panning out for them to which 33.33% of respondents say their workload has become considerably lighter. Some of the respondents (30.88%) are experiencing something quite opposite as they believe that they are working more while some (11.56%) do not like working from home at all. 12.55% of the respondents have yet to figure out this current lifestyle as they can't say much on the subject. And sadly enough, 11.68% of the people have been laid-off by their respective companies.