Polls Summary

Have you lost someone to Covid-19?
Yes, I have lost a family member. (7.76%)
Yes, I have lost someone I knew. (16.66%)
No, I haven’t lost anyone(44.93%)
I haven’t but I know someone who has. (15.47%)
Neither I have lost anyone nor someone I know has. (15.18%)
Votes: 1765 Closed on: 25-Sep-2020

Dealing with the Hard Facts of the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard. It has not only shaken the financial and social fabric of the world but has caused devastation in the lives of millions. Very recently, the death toll of the pandemic had crossed the one million mark, and we can't imagine the impact it would have had on their friends and families. It is a void no one can ever fill. Our latest poll is also based on this same sad fact  the personal loss incurred to people due to the pandemic. Out of the 1,765 people we asked, 40.89% of them have had to deal with a death due to Covid-19. 7.76% of them have lost a family member to coronavirus, while 16.66% have lost someone they knew. 15.47% of them didn't have to face the personal loss directly, but they do know of someone who has. 44.93% of the respondents haven't lost anyone in the pandemic, and 15.18% have neither lost nor know someone who has.