Polls Summary

Has the spread of Corona changed the consumption of non-vegetarian food for you?
Yes. I now prefer to eat vegetarian food only.(23.13%)
No. I can't quit non-vegetarian food ever.(46.07%)
Yes. I prefer vegetarian and seafood only.(14.66%)
I was always a vegetarian.(11.83%)
I have turned vegan recently.(4.31%)
Votes: 3178 Closed on: 22-Jun-2020

The Spread of Coronavirus and Vegetarianism

Coronavirus is not just a virus that infects the respiratory tract. It also impacts the minds of the people by instilling fear and multitudes of unanswered questions. It has brought about an alteration in our lifestyles , the way used to move, work, party, and eat. Yes, eat. One of the changes seen with the spread of coronavirus is in the dietary habits of people. There is now a significant shift in the food choices people make, and we conducted a poll with 3,178 people to check the extent to which the spread of COVID-19 had affected the consumption of non-vegetarian food. 23.13% of the respondents have modified their eating habits and switched to a vegetarian diet, while 46.07% of the respondents love non-vegetarian food too much to give it up. 14.66% of the respondents have altered their diets and now stick to a vegetarian and a seafood selection only. Some people (11.83%) were always vegetarian, while some (4.31%) have now turned vegan.