Polls Summary

Are you looking forward to buy the new Play Station 5?
Yes. I can't wait to buy it.(41.54%)
Not so much. I think I'm over it.(33.29%)
I was. But I don't want it anymore.(12.8%)
I don't even know what that is.(12.37%)
Votes: 2773 Closed on: 22-Oct-2020

PlayStation 5: A Must-Buy or A Pass?

The PlayStation is not just a gaming console; it is a cult for gamers. People all over the world eagerly wait for the launch of the new PlayStation. And this year, Sony will be launching the much-awaited PlayStation 5. So, to see how people were reacting to this news, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll with 2,773 respondents. We asked them whether they are looking forward to buying the new PlayStation 5 or not. 41.54% of the respondents seem to be hardcore gaming-enthusiasts who say that they can't wait to buy the new PlayStation, while 33.29% of the respondents think that they are finally over it. 12.80% of the respondents say that they were planning to buy it, but now, they don't want it anymore. 12.37% of the respondents, however, don't even know what a PlayStation is! All-in-all, the verdict seems to be divided on whether people will be buying the new PlayStation or not.