Polls Summary

Do you think Farm Bill 2020 will benefit Indian farmers?
No. It would rather cost them big time.(12.13%)
Yes. Only if executed well.(36.57%)
No. It will destroy their relationships with their mediators.(6.28%)
Yes. But they need to be educated about the market price of their produce.(22.01%)
No. This will harm their farming and the basic earning at MSP.(12.44%)
I have no idea.(10.63%)
Votes: 1608 Closed on: 13-Oct-2020

Farm Bill 2020: For the Farmers or Against?

The strife between the farmers and the government is of rising concern in India. The farmers are protesting against the Farm Bill demanding revocation of all the three bills that were passed. They fear they will now get prices below the Minimum Selling Price (MSP) and thus want the mandi system to remain intact. It is an ongoing debate that affects the lives of millions of people who are the backbone of our nation - farmers. So, we thought a poll was in order to see how people respond to it. We asked 1,609 respondents whether they think the Farm Bill will prove to be beneficial for Indian farmers. 58.54% of the respondents replied in the affirmative. 36.54% of them, however, add a condition that it is only possible if the bill is executed well, while 22% think that the farmers need to be educated about the market price of their products first. Other respondents see this issue in a different light  12.43% of them think that it will in fact harm their farming and the basic earning at MSP; 12.12% of them believe it will cost the farmers big-time, and; 6.28% feel it will destroy the farmers relationships with their mediators. 10.63% of the respondents, however, have no idea about the situation and its subsequent impact on the farmers.