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Has working from home affected your productivity?
It has helped me get more productive(34.03%)
I'm more productive in office(32.66%)
It's the same for me(22.04%)
Can't say.(11.28%)
Votes: 3494 Closed on: 15-Jun-2020

Is productivity down in the lockdown?

One thing that has been the only constant in the lockdown is change. Everything from our mood and eating habits to sleeping patterns and work-wear has seen a massive alteration. And it isn't only our lifestyle that has witnessed a monumental transformation but also the way we used to work. The question of our productivity in the new work-from-home regime is one of the biggest concerns during the lockdown. So, with work from home becoming a new normal, we asked 3,494 respondents whether working from home had affected their productivity in any way. Most of the respondents (34.03%) say that the new working schedule has, in fact, helped them get more productive. 32.66% of the respondents, on the other hand, feel that they were more productive in the office while 22.04% of them believe that not much has changed. 11.28% of the respondents, however, can't seem to decide whether their productivity has undergone any modification in the lockdown or not. To sum it all up, we can safely conclude that work quality hasn't suffered much due to the lockdown as most of the people have found ways to either maintain or boost their productivity.