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Since a lot of places have started opening up, have you started going out to restaurants yet?
No. I might not this entire year.(30.35%)
Yes. Couldn't wait any longer.(25.15%)
No. But I'm planning to go soon.(30.71%)
Yes, once or twice. But I'll avoid as much as I can.(13.81%)
Votes: 3308 Closed on: 25-Jun-2020

Eating-Out: In or Out?

With Unlock 1.0 and 2.0 in action, the restaurants are now ready to serve their sumptuous delicacies to food-lovers all over. The question, however, is whether people are ready for this experience or not. Everyone is already sceptical of ordering food at home, but with the dine-in services being back on the menu, no one really knows what's up in the minds of the consumers. So, conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau asked 3,309 respondents whether they had started going out to restaurants or were planning to go anytime soon. 30.34% of the respondents say that they haven't been to any restaurant and are quite sure that they might not step into one this year. 25.14% of the respondents have started going to restaurants as they couldn't wait any longer, while 30.70% of the respondents who haven't been to one are planning to go very soon. 13.81% of the respondents have gone out once or twice but say that they will avoid it as much as they can. Precaution, it seems, is the flavour of the year.