Polls Summary

Do you think the scare of Corona has drowned down amongst people?
Yes. People are acting like everything is alright.(60.92%)
No. I think it's time to realise it was all fakel (17.07%)
Maybe. Corona isn't a big deal.(11.25%)
Can't say.(10.8%)
Votes: 3334 Closed on: 18-Jun-2020

Coronavirus: 2020s Biggest Horror Story?

Coronavirus has instilled a fear in the minds of all. For some, this fog is lifting while for some, the horror story seems to continue. Not many people are ready to leave the safety of their homes to return to their normal routines. Restaurants and shopping malls are not their usual busy selves; they are desperately waiting for customers to come back and splurge like they used to. Conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau asked 3,335 respondents whether they think that the scare of the virus is dying down amongst people or not. 60.90% of the respondents think that the scare is going down as people are acting like everything is back to normal. 17.06% of the respondents don't agree with the motion but feel that it is high time people realise the facade of the virus. 11.24% of them think that maybe the scare is receding as coronavirus isn't such a big deal while 10.79% of the respondents cannot comment on the situation yet. It seems, therefore, the fear induced by the biggest horror story of 2020 will leave some more nightmares in its wake.