Polls Summary

Has Covid-19 affected your mental health?
Yes. I am lonely and anxious most of the time. (20.82%)
No. I’m doing perfectly fine. (45.25%)
I get really lonely sometimes but get over it. (26.46%)
I have depression, and this has made it worse. (7.47%)
Votes: 2022 Closed on: 29-Sep-2020

The Mind-Numbing Side Effects of Covid-19

Apart from the many health concerns being talked about the coronavirus, one rarely talks about its repercussions on mental health. Being locked up in one's home is not that easy. Some people do have family they can turn to when alone, but millions of people live far away from their families. What do you do when you find yourself alone at home? What happens when you can't move out to meet your friends? It is imperative we talk about mental health in these times, and that's what we have attempted with our latest poll. We asked 2,022 respondents whether they feel Covid-19 has affected their mental health and 20.82% of them agree to the fact that they feel lonely and anxious most of the time. 26.46% of the respondents say they get really lonely sometimes, but they get over it soon. Sadly, this isn't the case for the 7.47% of the respondents who claim that they already have depression, and the pandemic has just made it worse. On a positive note, 45.25% of the respondents reveal that the pandemic has not affected their mental health in any which way, and they are perfectly fine.