Polls Summary

Are you working from home? Is it difficult to manage jobs from home?
Yes. It is not difficult, I'm managing just fine.(49.01%)
No. I lost my job.(11.6%)
Yes. It is difficult to manage work from home(26.77%)
Can't say.(12.62%)
Votes: 1767 Closed on: 22-Apr-2020

Is Work From Home Really Working?

Coronavirus has led us into unfamiliar territories. Our daily lifestyle routines have gone for a toss and with it our workspaces. All over the globe, people have switched to a 'work from home' mode, and to see whether this mode was really working or not, we asked 1,767 people what they thought about it. 49.01% of the respondents who are working from home are not facing any difficulties and are managing just fine. 26.77% of the respondents, however, are finding it difficult to cope with it all. 11.60% of the respondents, on the other hand, say that they have lost their jobs while 12.26% of the respondents are in a fix as they can't say much on the subject.