Polls Summary

Which one of these hotel management apps is widely used in your organisation or you?
Alice Guest(10.51%)
MyStay Checkin(12.6%)
Wishbox Guest App(6.39%)
Votes: 1627 Closed on: 23-Nov-2020

Bespoke Hotel Experiences

Thanks to technology, everyone can now customise and personalise the services they receive. Be it emails or food delivery apps or even their hotel stays , there are thousands of applications designed to ease the user experience. Hotels have started using hotel management apps to connect the guests with all the departments in a hotel. The guests receive all the notifications via the app and in turn, can arrange any service they want as per their convenience. We conducted a poll with 1,627 people asking them which app is used by them or their organisation. 12.60% of the respondents are comfortable using MyStay CheckIn, 12.35% use StayMate to increase productivity, and 10.51% use Alice Guest at their hotels. These apps are then followed by Intelity (8.79%), Wishbox Guest App (6.39%), Portier (6.27%), AppyTect (5.35%), and Alfie (4.55%). Some not-so-popular apps on the list are AltexSoft (2.64%) and Roombler (2.40%). The market is further segmented as 28.15% of the respondents claim to use other apps that aren't mentioned on the list.