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Which of the following social networking apps are your favourite? Pick three.
Tik Tok (0.0%)
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How much time do you spend on your phone during a day?
1-2 Hours a day(0.0%)
2-5 Hours a day(0.0%)
More than 5 hours a day(0.0%)
I’m always on my phone(0.0%)
I hardly use my phone anymore(0.0%)
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Do you use Linkedin website or app?
I use Linkedin website mostly(0.0%)
I use Linkedin app mostly(0.0%)
I use Linkedin app mostly(0.0%)
I never used Linkedin (0.0%)
I don’t know what Linkedin is(0.0%)
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How often do you use Linkedin?
Once a day at least(0.0%)
More than once a day(0.0%)
2-3 times in a week(0.0%)
More than 5 times a week(0.0%)
I don’t use Linkedin(0.0%)
More than 5 times a week(0.0%)
More than 5 times a week(0.0%)
More than 5 times a week(0.0%)
More than 5 times a week(0.0%)
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Why do you use Linkedin the most?
To find jobs(0.0%)
To tap into industry news(0.0%)
To connect with people (0.0%)
To build my brand(0.0%)
To help Google rank my name(0.0%)
I don’t use Linkedin (0.0%)
Votes: 0 Closed on: 10-Sep-2020

What Your Status: Signed-in or out?

Social Networking Apps have changed our lives completely, and the change is so drastic and deep-rooted that it is impossible to imagine our lives without it. Just in a span of ten to fifteen years, these apps have become so inextricably entrenched into our lives and phones that our dreams, ambitions, achievements are first updated there. To get better insights into the extent to which people have been using these social networking apps, we conducted a poll with 7,991 respondents. We asked them about their most loved app and had them pick their top three from a list of eight. The most popular out of the lot is the first-to-launch Facebook (24.49%), followed by YouTube (23.35%), and the decade-old Instagram (19.33%). These are then followed by Twitter (10.40%), LinkedIn (6.34%), Pinterest (5.61%), Snapchat (5.48%), and lastly, the controversial Tik Tok (4.99%).

How Socially Active Are You?

The big question these days is not whether you have an account on any social networking app rather what your screen time on these apps is. The magnitude of this question is such that mobile phones now come with a pre-downloaded feature of 'Digital Wellbeing' that lets you track your daily screen time. They also come with a setting, wherein they will alert you if you have been on one app for too long! So, to understand the screen time of the users better, we conducted a poll with 2,852 respondents. The majority of the users (31.59%) claim to spend more than five hours a day on their phones. 33.56% of the users spend two to five hours a day on their phones, while 17.22% of the respondents only use it for one to two hours. There is also a set of respondents (15.57%) that quite unabashedly states that they are always glued to their phones, while some (2.07%) claim that they hardly use their phones anymore.

Staying Linked-In with LinkedIn?

With one out of three professionals on the planet being on LinkedIn and the work culture shifting to work from home, we thought that a poll revolving around this app was much needed. Not only has this app kept the industry close, but it has also become a one-stop-portal to search for new jobs for professionals. And the need for such an app is so much more in the times of the pandemic where socialising for work is no more an option. It comes as a great way of staying connected with the world virtually. So, we asked 2,788 respondents how they used the LinkedIn App through the website or by downloading the app. 32.17% of the users use the app version to browse through the content, while 31.31% of the respondents use the website. 26.72% of the respondents have never used LinkedIn in their life and 9.79% of them don't know what this app is all about. It seems, therefore, that this last group employs some other means to stay linked-in with people.

Making the Most of LinkedIn 

People use social networking apps for a variety of reasons. While some use it to flaunt, some use it to stalk. Some use it to update their achievements and some, to just pass their time. The reasons to use LinkedIn, however, are quite different from other social networking apps. In trying to get a better grasp of why people use LinkedIn, we conducted a quick poll with 2,747 respondents. 29.89% of them say that they use the app to find new jobs. 23.92% of the respondents use it to connect with people, while 11.07% of them use it to stay updated on the latest industry news. 3.71% of the respondents have a completely different agenda as they claim to use it for building their own brand, and 1.53% of the users say that it helps Google rank their names better. It looks like that all these users are following the wise words of Jill Rowley when she said, LinkedIn is no longer an online resume. It?s your digital reputation. And all these users efforts are driven in trying to keep a good digital reputation. 29.89% of the respondents, however, do not use LinkedIn for any reason whatsoever. They probably have other ways to stay connected with their friends and colleagues. 

LinkedIn in the Lockdown


Talking about LinkedIn, Bobby Darnell, Principal of Construction Market Consultants, said, Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, Look at me! without saying Look at me! It is the perfect platform for people to engage with the exact audiences they had been looking for. The app is quite popular with the professionals, and in the times of the lockdown, it came as a bright and shiny ray of hope. So, to see how popular the app really is, we asked 2,734 respondents about their frequency of use for the app. 21.21% of the respondents claim to use it once a day without fail and 13.94% of the users manage to log in more than once in a day. 22.20% use it two to three times a week, and 8.01% of the respondents even claim to use it more than five times a week. 32.44% of the respondents, however, do not use the app at all. Their PR skills perhaps are not reliant on such apps.

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