Polls Summary

Have you been to a wedding since Covid-19 broke out in your region?
Yes. I have been to one since then. (27.28%)
Yes. I have been to more than one since then(12.49%)
No. Nobody I know got married after Covid-19 broke out(58.36%)
I got married during this. (1.87%)
Votes: 1921 Closed on: 18-Sep-2020

The Big Fat Indian (Pandemic) Wedding 


Who said marriages are only made in heaven Some marriages -especially the ones in 2020 - are made in the pandemic. It has been one of the events that even the mighty pandemic couldn't stop. People are getting married, and the guests are gracing all their functions like nothing has changed. The only new addition perhaps is the designer masks in coordination with the lehenga's and sherwani's. To get a better insight into the phenomenon and see how many weddings are actually taking place, we conducted a poll with 1,921 respondents. We asked them whether they had attended any wedding after the spread of Covid-19 in their region, and 39.77% of respondents replied with a resounding yes. Out of them, 27.28% of them say they have been to one wedding since, while 12.49% of them have attended more than one wedding during the pandemic. 58.36% of the respondents, however, say they haven?t been to any wedding. They also do not know anyone who got married in these times. The poll also had a few newlywed respondents (1.87%) who revealed that their wedding actually did take place in the pandemic. And one thing's for certain  it would have been a ceremony no one will ever forget!