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    Be responsible for
    your safety and others.

    Prevention is better than cure.
    Stay safe and healthy!
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March 31, 2018

If you’ve had your eye on a specific role or have always wanted to work for a particular company, referrals are one of the best ways...

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March 31, 2018

Almost 90% of professionals say success isn't just about what you accomplish, it\'s about what you inspire others to do, according to a...



"Unlock Profitable Insights: Top Market Research Companies Offering Paid Online Surveys in the US"

Opinion Bureau: Leading market research surveys Company

Are you seeking dependable market research survey firms? Look no further than Opinion Bureau! We are happy to recognised as a leading brand in surveys and market research. We deliver custom insights to help your business grow thanks to our extensive knowledge base and dedication to excellence. We understand the importance of precise data is to having the ability to make wise judgements.

From our market research surveys, significant information about consumer behaviour, market trends and industry advancements should be gathered. Our surveys might provide you a competitive edge whether you are making a new market, creating a new product or improving your marketing tactics. Access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise is provided by working with Opinion Bureau.

Our experienced research team is dedicated to meeting your exact requirements and goals with results. Additionally, you may focus on other tasks because our intuitive interface makes survey design, dissemination, and analysis simpler.

Market Research Survey Services

Types of Surveys for Market Research

  1. Online Surveys:
    • Conducted through web-based platforms or email.
    • Cost-effective and efficient for reaching a large audience.
    • Allows for quick data collection and analysis.
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  2. Phone Surveys:
    • Conducted via telephone interviews.
    • Offers a more personal touch and higher response rates compared to online surveys.
    • Suitable for gathering in-depth qualitative data.
    • Keywords: market research surveys, market research and surveys.
  3. Focus Group Surveys:
    • Involves small groups of participants discussing specific products, services, or concepts.
    • Provides qualitative insights into consumer attitudes and perceptions.
    • Facilitated by a moderator to guide discussions.
    • Keywords: market research surveys, market research survey companies/company.
  4. Mail Surveys:
    • Questionnaires sent via postal mail to targeted respondents.
    • Suitable for reaching demographics with limited internet access.
    • Longer response times but can yield higher-quality responses.
    • Keywords: market research surveys, market research and surveys.
  5. In-Person Surveys:
    • Conducted face-to-face at specific locations such as malls, events, or public spaces.
    • Allows for deeper engagement and observation of participant reactions.
    • Ideal for gathering feedback on tangible products or prototypes.
    • Keywords: market research surveys, market research survey companies/company.

Analyzing the Survey Results with Opinion Bureau

Impact of market research surveys

Why Choose Opinion Bureau for the Best market research surveys?

We take pleasure in providing organisations all around the world with outstanding insights, as we are among the leading suppliers of market research surveys. You may choose from a wide variety of surveys that are catered to your preferences and areas of interest when you deal with Opinion Bureau.

With our user-friendly platform, which lets you voice your thoughts and direct decisions, we guarantee an effortless experience. Opinion Bureau is the place to go if you're keen to conduct surveys or market research and are thrilled to express your opinions.

Come together with us today and become a part of a community whose insightful feedback shapes industries' futures. Experience the difference with Opinion Bureau's unparalleled market research surveys!


  1. What does your cusiness stand to gain from a Market Research Survey?

    Surveys for market research offer priceless insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and industry trends. They support companies in better understanding their target market, making wise choices and creating winning strategies to maintain an advantage in the cutthroat business world.

  2. What is a survey for market research?

    A market research survey is a kind of organised questionnaire designed to gather particular information on the beliefs, inclinations, actions or experiences of a target market regarding a certain good, service or industry trend.

  3. How to Build a Market Research Survey?

    Developing a market research survey entails establishing precise goals, determining the intended audience, formulating pertinent questions, selecting the best survey form, pretesting the survey, disseminating it successfully and evaluating the results to derive significant findings and useful information for your company's strategy.

  4. What methodologies do you offer for market research surveys?

    We provide both qualitative and quantitative methods; they vary from focus groups, in-depth interviews, and quantitative surveys to innovative approaches like passive tracking and neuroscience.


Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is an online forum for consumers to voice their opinions on various businesses and associated services. Users are given more voice and the chance to engage in online surveys where they may express their opinions about goods and services and win prizes. We register consumers’ opinion, process it in real time and share the analysed data with the researchers and market surveyors. We reward our members for their time. It is an online consumer community created, owned and operated by Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd.


Attest is a leading market research firm in the United States. With the help of this consumer research platform, you may get information from 125 million respondents from a variety of nations. Market research for branding, customer profiling, market analysis, and many other purposes may be conducted using Attest! Expert research guidance is available to all Attest customers through their own Customer Research Team. Attest's Customer Research Team can help, regardless of your experience level, if you're a novice researcher in need of some direction or an experienced researcher seeking a second set of eyes for your market research project. In addition to prompt surveys and prompt replies, our platform has an easy-to-use results dashboard that transforms data into captivating narratives. You can also schedule surveys regularly to detect fluctuations in responses or juxtapose data from distinct groups. Moreover, accessing professional guidance is effortless when you're uncertain about selecting market research instruments or achieving market research objectives.


Bixa is a market survey company that focuses on providing customised UX research services and mobile youth research. For businesses looking to verify new markets, acquire feedback on products, or gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, their qualitative and qualitative research services are the most effective. By finishing the full cycle of participant recruiting to report delivery in three to four weeks, they simplify the process of doing marketing research. In addition to performing user testing, customer surveys, and mobile ethnography, Bixa provides market research consulting services to businesses wishing to accelerate their product and marketing research.


Suzy is a top-tier qualitative market research tool that supports iterative research. Its comprehensive consumer insights platform provides qualitative answers to challenging research problems. The finest thing is that Suzy's proprietary audience of one million customers provides real-time statistics. However, Attest has a wider audience across more nations, which makes it the best option for companies doing global market research projects. Furthermore, Attest offers all clients specialised guidance from knowledgeable experts. Suzy provides qualitative research solutions for advertising, tracking and measurement, consumer and behavioural insights, and product development. Suzy is used by a variety of industries, including media and banking, to enhance corporate performance through qualitative research.


Pollfish is a contemporary survey research platform employing AI to swiftly generate surveys. This self-service market research firm enables real-time insights from a vast pool of over 250 million global consumers. It features advanced technology for dynamic sampling and random device engagement.

For those seeking an alternative to Pollfish, Attest stands out for primary market research. Attest's platform identifies poor-quality responses with irrelevant, incomplete, or conflicting answers. Moreover, Attest offers simplicity and guidance from seasoned researchers, making it a user-friendly option.


Kadence International is a global market research company with a very local vibe. Your experience is fundamentally individualised, even though their capabilities are global. After all, neither your clients nor your research methodology should fit neatly into a box. When other agencies falter, they have a reputation for succeeding. To guarantee that every voice is heard, their skilled staff has a knack for making connections. They are also skilled at fusing the newest technology with time-honored techniques while keeping an eye towards the future.


Qualtrics acknowledges influence through achievements and outcomes, disregarding political factors. They aim for advancement and development, thus fostering openness and clarity in communicating their objectives, capabilities, and areas for enhancement.

They dedicate ourselves to facilitating their clients' accomplishments. Errors are seen as chances for advancement. They attentively listen, absorb knowledge, and prioritize their clients above all else. Plain and simple.

They represent a varied, fair, and welcoming workforce. Unity strengthens them, and they cherish their unique attributes. They endeavor to aid each other's improvement both independently and collectively..

Amplitude Research

Amplitude Research has provided its clients with access to top-quality online sample of general consumers, small business proprietors, business and HR experts, IT professionals, and over 150 various targeted selects. Their online survey profiles encompass numerous demographic data points and leisure interests as well as business occupation, company magnitude, small business ownership, auto possession, brand inclinations, and impact on business or marketing acquisitions. Full-service projects encompass reduced hosting fees.

Their survey firm presents a range of services including study design, questionnaire drafting, survey management, online exploration, mail surveys, telephone surveys, statistical guidance, and thorough data interpretation and report drafting. They are among the foremost survey companies for full-service projects, offering exceptional proficiency and highly competitive pricing so that their patrons can maximize their return on research investments.


Statista is a global platform for data and business intelligence that offers a vast collection of data, reports, and insights. They want to be thought leaders in the sector via their quest of knowledge and creativity. Their ultimate objective as forerunners influencing the data economy's future is to build a more transparent, dependable, and trustworthy world. Their goal is to enable fact-based decision-making that benefits society.

Pew Research Center

Pew Research Centre is an unbiased information source that updates the public on global trends, opinions, and concerns. Their research include data-driven social science activities such as demographic analysis, content analysis, and public opinion polls. Policy stances are not taken by them.

The generation of factual foundations enhances public discourse and facilitates wise decision-making. Being nonpartisan and nonprofit, they do not engage in advocacy. They appreciate impartiality, independence, precision, diligence, modesty, openness, and creativity.

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