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Frequently Asked Question

Nothing to worry about. We have to credit in huge volumes and adjust the redeemed rewards internationally; in this situation, there may be a temporary shortage in certain region/time of festivity. We replenish it in the next cycle, and your rewards are credited then, automatically.
Simply recommend Opinion Bureau’s quality surveys to your friends, family, and colleague. Committed referral points will be credited in your account on their sign up.
Your survey reward gets credited to your Opinion Bureau account as soon as you successfully qualify a survey. Sometimes, it might take a maximum of 24 hours in case of any technical difficulty, before it shows up in your account.
You must contact our helpdesk team if you don’t see the reward in your account after getting the message that you have successfully qualified the survey.
There are some surveys which are conducted in phases, and the associated reward amounts are credited to your account only if you complete all specified phases. You might not see any amount in your account until you complete the final phase of the survey.
No! There is no expiry. However, we accumulate your reward points and credit in your accounts. Alternatively, you can keep accumulating and redeem it for a wow purchase (at leading online merchants).
Other than usual t&cs, you need to know the points mentioned below:
  1. Opinion Bureau (or IRB) is not responsible for loss or misuse or misplacement or theft or expiry of your reward codes or coupons once they are delivered in your email.
  2. You must not allow anyone to use your account to prevent such issues. If you come across any such issues, you may contact our helpdesk team for investigation.
  3. Opinion Bureau (or IRB) does not promote or hold any responsibility or intervene in the policies of reward (coupon or code or cash) suppliers. If you have any issues with any of the reward options, you must consult them directly for the resolution of issues.
There are various ways available to make money online, one of which is by taking surveys. Opinion Bureau is one of the best online websites to take free surveys and get paid for it. You can win joining bonus on sign up as well.
You can take online surveys and get paid for them. Opinion Bureau is one of the best global survey sites that pays good money as well as referral rewards online. You get joining bonus on sign up as well.
You can take online surveys and make a quick buck. Online Bureau is a global platform that pays money, rewards, vouchers etc. You can take surveys and make money online every day, win joining bonus on sign up too.
Once a user submits the answers to the questionnaire in the registration page, he/she becomes a member of Opinion Bureau survey community.
Opinion Bureau (or IRB) reserves the rights to consider your eligibility to take part in each of its surveys.
Opinion Bureau (or IRB) is the owner of this website. The agreement between the company and the user is a contract for the provision of services, and it shall not create any legal partnership or ownership or the relation of employee and employer.
No. The user will always login with the same email address that you have mentioned at the time of registering with Opinion Bureau website.
Suspension: At any stage, if Opinion Bureau (or IRB) finds that the user has created more than one account by mistake; users will be intimated to delete it manually. His or her second account will remain suspended for that period.
Termination: If Opinion Bureau (or IRB) finds that the user has created multiple accounts with Opinion Bureau using different email addresses, all the accounts will be blocked, and the earned amount in each of the accounts will be forfeited.
The purpose of the questions asked in a survey is to reflect upon your views and using any software defeats the purpose. This is the reason you are forbidden from engaging any auto data filling techniques for account creation or while answering survey questions, such as spider or robots or any other software or download anything from the site or try to send any virus through the site. Detection of any such activity from your account will lead to suspension of the user’s account, or the user may also be charged for the legal compliances considering the seriousness of the matter.
The user cannot attempt to take one survey multiple times. If we find that the same survey has been attempted multiple times, his/her membership will be terminated by the Panel team.
You can terminate your membership by unsubscribing from Opinion Bureau. Simply send an email to unsubscribe@OpinionBureau.com or click on the button "unsubscribe" in your Opinion Bureau account. The termination will take effect within four business days after the receipt of the user’s notice.
You are requested not to provide a wrong and falsified reply in a survey. All answers should be true and honest. You will never disclose the company's confidential information (the company being Opinion Bureau/IRB and its clients, representatives, and associates).
Opinion Bureau (or IRB) doesn’t charge any money for membership. If any third party asks a user to pay money to join our site, he/she must decline the payment and report it immediately to our helpdesk team. Please be cautious and inform others to protect them from falling into such a trap.
In the case that the user has paid a sum to any a website or individual towards joining Opinion Bureau survey, he/she must deal with them directly as Opinion Bureau (or IRB) doesn’t hold any responsibility in this matter.
No. Once a user deregisters/unsubscribes from Opinion Bureau membership, the balance reward amount will automatically lapse.
A user’s account may be permanently deactivated if,
  1. The user fails to act on the warnings.
  2. We find your survey participation being rejected in more than three surveys consecutively, your account will be permanently rejected or blocked by our panel team, and all your reward amount will be seized immediately. You won’t be able to login or participate in any of our surveys after being blocked or rejected by us.
There are three reasons behind rejection:
  1. When we find out that the responses are not genuine, the participation in that survey is rejected, and the earned reward of the user is removed.
  2. The participation can be rejected even if we find that the user has tried to trick the system to qualify the survey.
  3. In case a user provides answers without properly reading the questions and the answer options or if their answers don’t make any sense logically and practically. In case there is a reward credited against such surveys, the same gets rejected within 30 days of qualifying the survey.
These surveys give meaningful insight into companies/institutions/policy makers who wish to hear from their customers, using our interface and use the insight to improve their products, and or services.
You need to sign-up with Opinion Bureau sharing your details to validate your authenticity. Once your credentials are verified, and an aptitude/ interest/knowledge/domain specific survey comes up, you will be intimated with the survey link. You can participate in the survey by following the link.
No. You can only participate after registering with OpinionBureau.com It is required to ensure that the survey is assigned only to users matching specific criteria.
Only registered and approved members are eligible to earn rewards from Opinion Bureau site.
After 45 days of the closure of the survey, the rewards are initiated, and it takes seven days’ time to credit the rewards in the customer’s account.
  • It is the usual norm of the survey, and one of the rationales is to emphasize more on the users’ genuine interest than the incentives.
  • The other reason is the manual involvement to check the quality of the responses given by the survey participants. We check it to ensure high data quality for our clients, assimilating the responses for any fake/ junk or duplicate responses in the survey, and it is a time-consuming process.
You can redeem your reward points on meeting any of the criteria mentioned below:
  1. Your joining bonus turns redeemable as soon as your account is approved for survey participation and you participate in the 1st survey from Opinion Bureau.
  2. Reward amount earned from referrals turns redeemable when your referrals are approved for survey participation, and they qualify their first survey.
  3. Reward amounts earned from Polls turn redeemable within 15 days of that poll being closed.
  4. You can redeem your reward once your redeemable amount reaches the minimum threshold of redemption. Please check the reward redemption threshold in "My Reward" section of the website.
You can choose any of the available reward options at the time of making a redemption request.
Yes, you can! We do offer coupons of popular online merchants such as Amazon, Paypal, Virtual VISA/ MasterCard, Cash coupons and coupons specific to a country.
Please note that these third-party services for the reward distribution to our members might take a few extra days to receive the amount or coupons once we send the reward codes to you depending on their processing time for the selected reward option.
You can make a maximum of 3 redemption requests in a day.
Send a mail to help@opinionbureau.com mentioning your panelist ID.
Our team will act on the processing the rewards, in such cases or help you with your related problems.

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