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A. Companies & Brands conduct surveys to connect with their customers.
It must be an interesting question in your mind that who conducts online surveys and brings it to the consumers. Well, surveys can be conducted by anyone who wants to understand the global and/or local market condition and consumer's demands, preferences, experiences, purchasing behaviour and growing global economy. It could be manufacturing companies, service providers, market research companies, government bodies, media and entertainment companies, Universities, Non-profit organizations, social associations or a student. The prime objective to conduct a survey is to reach out to you in the best possible way and hear your opinion on various topics which influence and impacts the society, market, and economy.

B. Your Opinion is converted into valuable insight to serve you better.
It is very simple. Insight for the market researcher is something you express in surveys and polls as your opinion and feedback. For example, a mobile manufacturer company wants to evaluate the best smartphone available in the market and launch a future smartphone based on consumers' preferences and feedback. Thus, the company would like to ask the consumers about the phones they are using and provide their feedback regarding pricing, look & feel, portability, processing speed, durability, speed, sound, display, ease of handling, compatibility with apps and software, maintenance, support service from the manufacturer, etc. The company would like to know what the customer would be looking for if they have to buy a future phone and based on the analysis, they would come with the product which excites the customers. As honest as the feedback is, quality and best product come on the market and vice-versa.

C. Express your genuine and honest opinion about the brands.
Simply respond to the questions with your true and honest opinion. The questions which are asked in surveys are not like question and answer sessions; it's like expressing your genuine thought based on your experience for the respective product or services or a situation. It's like you are rating the companies and brands based on your user experience.

D. You might not be eligible for all surveys.
We offer surveys on various topics where each survey is unique with its unique objective. You might not be eligible for every survey because, for every survey, we need a targeted set of members who could potentially have an opinion for respective product and services. For example, if the survey is about kid’s products, you won't qualify if you are not married or do not have kids. Similarly, if the survey is about air travel experience, you won't qualify the survey if you haven't ever travelled by flight.
Every survey will have some screening questions to decide whether you could be selected for the particular survey based on the topic and objective of the survey.

E. We select right and appropriate survey for you.
You are offered a survey based on your demographics (e.g., age, gender, education, employment, income, origin, geography, etc.) and profiling information. When you login, you will see your family related, occupation related, health related, entertainment related and technology related profile questions which do not change too frequently. We suggest you keep all your profile information updated so that you receive surveys in which you have a high chance of qualifying. If you do not update your profiling information regularly, you might receive surveys which are not the best fit for you. The more information we have about you, the better we can filter out surveys for you to increase your chances of qualifying a survey.

F. We conduct wide range of survey topics through.
Though the topic of market research surveys and not limited, however, you can receive the surveys of following topics very frequently.
  • Automotive surveys - About cars, car brands, motorbikes, etc.
  • Health related surveys - About diseases you were diagnosed in the past, medical conditions, fitness, etc.
  • Electronic Items - About any electric items you own or plan to own.
  • Shopping Surveys - About your grocery, clothing, online shopping, store shopping, etc.
  • Household related surveys - About your kids, kitchen items, gardening, kids, pets, etc.
  • Food & Beverages Surveys - About restaurants, fast food, dining, beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Financial Surveys - About your investment schemes, banking experience, assets, house, property, mortgage, etc.
  • Employment Surveys -About your profession, company's business, roles and responsibilities, decision making level, experience with software and hardware, IT and non-IT services your company buys, tools and techniques which helps you to work in your company, management related surveys, issues and solutions of your organization, etc.
  • Entertainment Surveys - Your hobbies, movies, home theatre, TV channels and programmes, video games, sports, traveling, fun activities, etc.
  • Technology Surveys - Mobile phones, smartphones, television, electronic gadgets, internet, computer hardware and software, music systems, etc.
  • News, Media, and Politics - About government, economic issues, social & environmental issues, magazines, newspapers, news channels, etc.
  • Fashion Surveys - About ornaments & jewelry, clothing, watches, beauty products, cosmetic items, etc.


We conduct surveys based on 11 broad categories covering various aspects pertaining to your life. From governance, civic amenities, sanitation, lifestyle, fashion, technology, gadgets, wellness etc. we share a series of questions. These questions are designed by the marketing research department team of any given company or directly from the market research professionals or companies working on behalf of these companies. The prime objective of these market researchers or marketing research companies is to register your responses on various topics influencing and impacting society, market, and economy. After analysing your responses scientifically, key insights are shared with these companies or individual experts.


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