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Poll Summary

The Best Destress Remedy

Living the modern life in the midst of a bustling city is not easy. It comes with its fair share of struggles. And with struggles comes stress. People tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed while trying to give their best in life. The victory lies in how they manage to deal with such situations. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 9,459 respondents which remedy works best for them. 38.10% destress by working out or going for a walk. 31.29% try and find a positive focus, while 27.51% take a mindful break. 3.10% of the respondents, however, are an extremely positive lot as they say they never feel stressed!

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What is the best remedy for you when you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed?
Mindfulness break(27.51%)
Finding a positive focus(31.29%)
Exercise or a walk(38.1%)
I never feel stressed!(3.1%)
Votes: 9457
United States: 140

The Wonderful Wonder Woman

A superhero film from the house of DC Comics, Wonder Woman is a wonderfully strong and endearing character. Created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman was their attempt at creating an archetype of a new type of woman who should rule the world. She has been an inspiration for many; the reason why all the Wonder Woman movies have been exceedingly successful. But everyone has their favourite version of the movie, for which we conducted a poll. Out of 7,880 respondents, the majority (50.55%) love the 2017 film the most. Next on the favourites list is the 2009 version (with 24.51% votes), followed by the 1984 film (with 13.01%) and the 1974 version (with 11.94% votes).

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Which is your favourite Wonder Woman movie of all time?
Wonder Woman (1974 film)(11.94%)
Wonder Woman (2009 film)(24.51%)
Wonder Woman (2017 film)(50.55%)
Wonder Woman 1984(13.01%)
Votes: 7879
United States: 103

What�s Your Go-To Fashion Accessory?

An ensemble is never complete without a fashion accessory. It�s like adding a finishing touch to a painting. Just a few touches here and there bring everything today. Sometimes an accessory is so stylish that one might think of an outfit that goes well with it. To cut it short, a fashion accessory plays a big role in any outfit. But we wanted to know which accessory people love the most. So, we conducted a poll with 9,152 respondents and most of them (30.56%) voted for shoes. 17.69% can pull off any look with a watch, 13.99% love a good bag, 10.04% trust a pair of earrings to add that oomph factor, and 8.94% like the bling of bracelets. Next on the favourite list are hats (6.53%), belts (4.65%), rings (4.28%), and others (3.31%).

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Which one of these is your favourite fashion accessory?
Votes: 9151
United States: 102

Got A Favourite Sportswear Brand?

These days, sports are incomplete without the right sportswear gear. Everyone has a go-to sportswear brand they blindly trust. Because more than anything, they need products that perform well. The right gear gives people the confidence to focus on the game and give their best, without worrying about anything else. So, at Opinion Bureau, we conducted a poll with 8,941 respondents to learn about their favourite sportswear brand. 46.31% trust Nike, 24.16% prefer Adidas, and 11.69% love Puma. 6.11% of the respondents like Reebok, 3.47% prefer Under Armour, and 3.47% trust New Balance. 1.93% and 1.59% say Fila and Asics are their go-to brands, while 0.87% like Lululemon Athletica and 0.40% prefer Columbia Sportswear.

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Which is your favourite sportswear brand?
Adidas (24.16%)
Under Armour(3.47%)
New Balance(3.47%)
Lululemon Athletica(0.87%)
Columbia Sportswear(0.4%)
Votes: 8940
United States: 111

Got Many Shoes to Fill?


The love for shoes is really a thing. People love collecting shoes, almost as if there is one for every outfit. There is something about them that just completes an outfit. This is the reason why it's got more to do with style than function these days. We thought this could be a shoe-tastic topic to conduct a poll on, so we asked 9,733 respondents how many shoes are part of their collection. The majority (35.36%) have somewhere between four to seven shoes, while 28.64% own 1 to 3 pairs only. 16.35% have just 8 to 10 shoes but what's interesting is that 19.64% have more than ten pairs. These numbers indicate how much people love their shoes. We guess one can never own too many of them!

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How many shoes do you own?
1-3 pairs(28.64%)
4-7 pairs(35.36%)
8-10 pairs(16.35%)
More than 10 pairs(19.64%)
Votes: 9733
United States: 112

Home Sweet Home

Everyone has a place they can call home. Be it owned or rented; people bring their touch to the space that reflects their personality. Whether it's a couch, curtain, or the colour of the walls � everything in a home means something. Even if they stay at a place for some time, they create unforgettable memories in that space with family and friends. But for our latest poll, we wanted to see how many people are staying in a home they own and how many have rented accommodation. Out of 9,863 respondents, 58.08% live in their own place, while 34.21% live in a rented space. 7.72% of the respondents are, however, planning to buy their own space.

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Do you stay in an owned or rented accommodation?
Planning to buy(7.72%)
Votes: 9863
United States: 107

Sport for Extreme Sports?

Extreme sports more often than not overlap with extreme tourism. It usually involves height or speed and is laden with risk. That perhaps is what draws people towards it. While some people will not go near such activities, some will latch on to any opportunity to try them out. What we wanted to know was if, given a chance, which extreme sport would people like to try out first. Out of 9,815 respondents, 37.22% would love to give Sky Diving a shot, and 27.75% would like to try Bungee Jumping. 16.31% would give a go at Scuba Diving, and 14.12% want to try their hand at Free Climbing. 4.60% think Cliff Diving is something they would love to try out. It seems almost everybody is already mentally prepared for these extreme sports! What they are looking for is a chance to jump at it, quite literally.

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Which extreme sport would you try first?
Sky Diving(37.22%)
Bungee jumping(27.76%)
Scuba diving(16.31%)
Cliff diving(4.59%)
Free climbing(14.13%)
Votes: 9817
United States: 103

The Endless Daily Commute

Commuting to work is one of the most chaotic chores of modern life. From being stuck in traffic for hours to burning money on fuel, the problems of travelling to work are endless. Not only does it causes unnecessary stress but also drains one's energy and wastes time. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 9,867 respondents how far they travel for work every day. Interestingly, 30.12% work from home while the rest have to hit the road. 26.85% travel less than 10 miles to reach their office, while 23.16% cover somewhere between 10 to 20 miles. And from here on, the distance just keeps getting longer. 11.66% say they travel for 20 to 30 miles daily, 4.67% go through 30 to 40 miles, and 3.55% have more than 40 miles to cover.

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How far do you travel for work every day?
I work from home (30.12%)
Less than 10 miles(26.84%)
10-20 miles(23.17%)
20-30 miles(11.65%)
30-40 miles(4.67%)
40+ miles(3.55%)
Votes: 9866
United States: 89

Staying Active to Stay Fit

The most effective way of staying physically and mentally fit is working out. A fitness regime is only something that enables our bodies to fight things that can weigh us down. Be it the stress from work or the common flu, a healthy body can win against its terrible clutches. So, people try not to skip their physical workout and try to fit it into their schedule at any cost. But what we wanted to gather was which of the physical activities people pursue to stay fit. Of the 10,163 people we asked, 50.11% love going to the gym and 18.97% stick to yoga. 7.99% love to hit the swimming pool to get their blood flowing, and 4.82% find CrossFit training helpful. 18.10% have other ways of staying fit.

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What physical activity do you do to stay fit?
Votes: 10167
United States: 102