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Closed Polls

Behold the New-Age Entertainment

The means of entertainment keep evolving with time. In earlier ages, it was books and theatres and now it is everything from e-books to movies, music apps, and online content streaming portals. To binge and chill has become the best way to keep oneself entertained which in turn became the topic of our latest poll as well. We, at Opinion Bureau, asked 1,410 participants which according to them is a better online content streaming platform. The majority of the participants (62.13%) side with Netflix followed by Amazon Prime with 27.66% voters. 5.04% of the participants vote for Walt Disney and 2.34% of the participants opt for Hulu. These are then followed by very small groups of people comprising of 1.63% and 1.21% voters who choose Alphabet and Microsoft Stream as platforms containing better content, respectively. It seems, therefore, that Netflix is a clear winner with a market that is still divided with people readily experimenting and enjoying other platforms.

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Which one according to you has better entertainment content?
Amazon Prime(27.66%)
Walt Disney(5.04%)
Microsoft Stream(1.21%)
Votes: 1410

Getting Down to Business, from Home. 


Declared as a pandemic by WHO, Coronavirus or COVID-19, has changed the face of the earth. We are witnessing a never-seen-before phenomenon and its repercussions are equally perplexing. A disease that has gripped more than 330,000 people claiming more than 14,000 lives has forced the governments to issue a complete lockdown. It has further pushed workplaces to switch to a 'Work From Home' mode to contain the spread of the virus. The bigger question being, whether it will work or not? Employers all over the world are worried about the productivity of their staff, wondering if the businesses will suffer due to this startling transition. The stock market is making a new record each day of the highest dip incurred and the fear of the nearing recession is like the big elephant in the room everybody is choosing to ignore. Pandemics like such have the capacity to hit the global economy beyond anyone's control, setting countries years back in their progress and goals. 


Businesses have already started to see the effects of the virus as malls, restaurants, movie theatres, gyms, and salons are being closed. The only demand for goods that have sky-rocketed is that of masks and hand sanitizers (not to mention, the ones with 65% alcohol content and more only). Manufacturing units are shutting down, leaving in its wake thousands of workers unemployed. The hospitality sector has been struck gravely wherein big chains like Marriott have laid off thousands of workers on unpaid leave. Many such industries are facing such a dilemma as the nature of their work does not allow for 'work from home' to function. 


On the other side, where the scenario of work from home can work has put employers in a dubious situation. The bosses are left scratching their heads as they seriously consider the feasibility and efficacy of this alternative. The logistical nightmare of delivering and setting-up systems at every employee's home is something that's completely unimaginable. Reports from China, however, do bring in some good news as they have been working from home for quite some time now. According to these reports, productivity has, in fact, increased due to a significant cut down in travel time. There are lesser distractions at home and technology has made it possible to run businesses smoothly. Video conferencing and other communication platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have, therefore, not only eased out daily jobs but also helped contain the virus.


In countries like India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan with a very high population density, a call for such desperate measures was imperative. Containing it at an earlier stage becomes necessary thus pushing for 'work from home' to ensure the elimination of human contact to curb the virus. At Opinion Bureau, we thought this time calls for us to listen to what people have to say. We conducted a poll with 908 people to garner their views to ask how the pandemic is affecting them to which the majority of the respondents say that for them life is normal. They are, however, taking all the necessary measures to keep themselves safe. 9.36% of the respondents say that their businesses are hit while 8.26% of the respondents complain about how the inability to travel is affecting them badly. 12.67% of the respondents also say that studies are being hampered because of schools and colleges shutting down.


The pandemic has proven to be a real trial for the governments as well as the people since any respite seems to be a distant dream. At every juncture, from our hygiene habits to the competency of our healthcare structures is at test. It truly is a stifling time to be living in and we'll have to wait and watch what more it has in store for us. Canada, for instance, has now become the first country to announce its withdrawal from Tokyo Olympics 2020 and the time is not far that other countries follow suit. In the meantime, we must do our best to contain the spread of the novel virus COVID-19.

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Corona Virus has spread on a real fast level across the world. How affected are you with the scare?
Life is normal. We are taking precautions.(51.49%)
My business has taken a hit.(9.35%)
My school/college has been shut down. Studies are getting affected.(12.65%)
I am unable to travel and it has affected me badly. (8.25%)
The panic is unnecessary.(8.25%)
It will be contained soon. (7.04%)
It will not be contained soon. (2.97%)
Votes: 909

The 21st-century woman is a force to reckon with. She does not have a single role to play. Her mind, body, and soul (not to mention her time) are divided into many places. And it is this facet of her life that we at Opinion Bureau thought deserved a poll. So, we asked 1,245 working mothers whether they experienced any form of guilt in their early days. Most of the women (28.03%) said that despite having a solid support system of their families, it is still difficult to manage everything. 26.18% of the respondents do feel guilty and say that it is a very tough phase. 15.42% of the respondents, on the other hand, try to deal with it anyhow as they have no other choice but to work. Only 9.24% of the working mothers say that they do not feel guilty about working and are 'totally fine' with the current situation. A strong minority, however, comprising of 21.12% of the respondents have not figured out their emotions yet. They all replied with a 'can't say' to the poll question.

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As a working mom, do you experience daycare guilt in early days?
Yes. I find it difficult(26.18%)
I've got family support, still it's difficult(28.03%)
I've to work; I try to deal with it anyhow(15.42%)
No. I'm totally fine about it(9.24%)
Can't say(21.12%)
Votes: 1245

Climate Change: A Myth or Reality?

One of the most alarming issues of the 21st century is climate change. Countries all over the world are addressing this issue in ways they seem fit. But the larger question that looms over all these efforts is whether they are enough or not. At Opinion Bureau, we carried out a poll to see what people thought of this. We asked 1,256 respondents whether they think that countries intend to tackle the problem of global warming by acting individually or not. 29.62% of the respondents think that all countries are working towards lowering the global warming levels on their accord whereas 25.40% of the respondents think that not all countries are working individually. The majority of the respondents (39.41%) in the poll agree that all countries should work collectively for better results as opposed to a small group of respondents (3.74%) who feel that individual efforts would suffice to fight global warming. There also exists a group of respondents (1.83%) who actually believe that climate change is not real. For this group, climate change is just a myth!

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Do you think countries intend to lower the global warming by acting individually?
Yes, all of them do(29.62%)
Yes but not all of them(25.4%)
Countries should act collectively(39.41%)
Individual efforts alone will suffice(3.74%)
Climate change is not real(1.83%)
Votes: 1256

The Path to Glory 

Planning a career is the most difficult and the most defining part of our lives. It is only after a lot of research, debate, and deliberation that we decide upon our career path. So, at Opinion Bureau, we decided to conduct a poll to understand what goes behind this crucial decision of their life. We asked 1,037 respondents which stream they will choose for themselves to which the majority (46.19%) say that it depends on their liking; for them, their passion will pave its own way. 21.99% of the respondents are quite practical as they will choose a stream that will help earn them money and 8.29% of the respondents have given the reign to their parents. 12.83% of the respondents have not thought about it yet and 7.33% of the respondents can?t say about the same. A small group of respondents (3.38%) on the other hand, will choose the road less travelled by. They are sure that they will not pick a traditional course and chart their way to success.

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Arts, science, sports, IT or any other emerging stream?
I've not thought about it(12.83%)
My parents will decide(8.29%)
Will choose the stream of my liking(46.19%)
Will choose the stream that makes me earn the most(21.99%)
Will not go for traditional courses(3.38%)
Can't say(7.33%)
Votes: 1037

Shopping for A Greener Future

Some years back, ethics and shopping were two words no one would have uttered in the same breath. With the changing times, however, people have started to shop consciously. They don't just look at the tags to check the price. They now check whether it was produced ethically or not, whether it can be recycled or not. Global brands are themselves taking steps to rectify their past follies by choosing to create clothes from ethically sourced materials or recycled materials. 

Our recent poll on shopping was also centred on this issue. We asked 892 respondents whether they would give up shopping clothes to control their carbon footprint with most of the people replying in affirmative. 47.20% of respondents are conscious shoppers who have already given up shopping and are recycling their clothes. 24.22% of respondents say that they can "maybe" give up shopping, asking for a few more years to adapt. 15.58% of respondents, on the other hand, are completely against the motion. They clearly deny by saying that they "just can't" trade shopping clothes to reduce their carbon footprint. 13% of respondents are yet to make up their minds as they don't really know whether they can give up shopping or not.

The Retail Therapy Indulgence 

The stress-busting therapy that's guaranteed to work for all is none other than retail therapy. Infamous for its magical healing powers, people resort to shopping to distract their minds and please their souls. And the lure of shopping is such that no one goes home disappointed (or empty-handed). Our latest poll is also geared towards the world of shopping. We asked 923 respondents how often they shopped for clothes to which the majority (51.03%) responded that they splurged once a month. 25.57% of respondents shopped for clothes once every six months and 6.18% of respondents shopped once a year. Only 17.23% of respondents claim to shop every week. So it seems shopping is a big hit in the lives of all with its obvious mood-uplifting benefits with almost zero side effects.

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How often do you shop for clothes?
Every week(17.23%)
Once in a month(51.03%)
Once in six months(25.57%)
Votes: 923

Do You Love the Shape of You?

The opinions we carry about ourselves make us who we are and, in turn, shape the world we live in. And at Opinion Bureau, we strive to gather such opinions. Our latest Poll was also one such inquisition geared to find out what people think about themselves. The poll on Self-Body Image was conducted with a total of 882 people where we asked them whether the way they look or their idea of an ideal body image is a concern for them. 

The majority of the respondents (30.16%) said that it does bother them to some extent. 19.61% of the respondents were strongly affected by it as they compare themselves to models and end up being upset by it all. 29.48% of the respondents, however, have made peace with themselves by accepting who they truly are. There also exists a happy set of respondents comprising of 15.08% of voters who are unfazed by all of this as they claim to love being themselves. 4.88% of the respondents believe they are better than many, and hence, are not concerned with their body image. Only 0.79% of the respondents are indecisive about the issue and can't say much on the same.

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Is the way you look or your idea of ideal body a concern for you?
Yes, strongly. I compare it with models and it upsets me.(19.61%)
Yes, to some extent(30.16%)
I've accepted the way I am(29.48%)
No. I am better than many(4.88%)
No. I love being myself(15.08%)
Can't say(0.79%)
Votes: 882

Food For Thought

The word 'sustenance' no longer comes up when we talk about food. That ship has sailed too far. Food is now an art. It's a passion. And it's simply irresistible. People can travel miles just to get their favourite pancakes or savour a chaat they like. So, at Opinion Bureau, we thought we'll conduct a poll that's so close to everybody's heart  food. We conducted a poll with 815 respondents to know what they think is the most important aspect of food. Are people really picky when it comes to food or anything delicious does the trick. As it turns out, the majority belong to the second category. For 43.56% of the respondents, the 'taste' is what matters the most. 36.93% of the respondents, on the other hand, are health-conscious eaters. They believe 'nutrition' is the most important aspect of the food they consume. 8.96% of the respondents are one step ahead of these health-conscious eaters by opting for food that is completely organic. 9.08% of the respondents, however, look for variety in their food. There is also a small minority of 1.47% of the respondents who say that they don't care about food so much. It seems, therefore, that this group isn't as charmed by the lure of food as the others are. 

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What is the most important aspect of food for you?
I don't care(1.47%)
Votes: 815

Boys, Let Your Hair Down!

When it comes to hair, some like it short, some like it long. And some, none at all. Whatever people do with their hair; it reflects their style. It adds to their personality and makes them stand out. Our latest poll on lifestyle was also on hairstyles  the crowning glory of boys. Yes, you read that right. Boys. 

There has always been an unsaid rule about boys having short hair. Only girls could adorn long hair. So, to see whether people were ready to break free of this age-old tradition, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a fun poll. We asked 633 people whether they think that boys should be allowed to keep long hair in schools. 

49.13% of the respondents have an open-mind towards this question and say that there shouldn't be any discrimination between girls and boys. They are open to boys sporting longer hair in schools if they wish to. 18.01% of the respondents, however, are not ready to budge from the rules. They believe that boys are "supposed" to have short hair. 20.70% of the respondents don't mind the long hair as they feel that it is a sensitive issue to some cultures and we should accommodate the sentiments of all. On the other hand, 8.69% of the people stand against this motion. For them, boys should have short hair, irrespective of their beliefs and faith. There also exists a very small minority of 3.48% of respondents who are 'not sure' about this issue The debate about hair is thus, far from being resolved.

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Do you think boys in school should also be allowed to keep longer hair?
Yes. There shouldn't be discrimination between boys and girls.(49.13%)
No. Boys are supposed to have short hair only.(18.01%)
Yes. It's sensitive to some cultures and we should be more accomodating.(20.7%)
No. Irrespective of beliefs, boys must keep hair short.(8.69%)
Not sure.(3.48%)
Votes: 633