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Do You Know Any Breast Cancer Survivors?

It is not easy to deal with breast cancer. Thanks to modern technology and extensive research, the survival rate is high, but to get past its treatment is still quite difficult. The stress and fear are not just in the minds of the patients as they do not wage the battles alone. The near and dear ones end up worrying and praying too! Hence, to gather insight into how many people actually know breast cancer survivors or someone who is currently receiving treatment for it, we conducted a poll with 3,961 respondents. While the majority of the respondents (55.19%) didn't know of anyone, sadly, others had come in contact with people diagnosed with breast cancer. 22.95% and 8.81% of the respondents have a friend/acquaintance and a family member, respectively, who is currently receiving treatment for breast cancer. 1.79% of the respondents are undergoing the treatment themselves, while 1.04% of the respondents have been cancer survivors who have beaten it fair and square. 5.35% of the respondents have a close friend and 4.87% have a family member who has survived breast cancer. 

How Much Do You Know About Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women worldwide. As many as one in eight women have a chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime as per the National Cancer Institute. But this critical fact is not known by many. So, to properly gauge the awareness levels of breast cancer, we conducted a poll with 4,199 respondents. We asked them whether they know breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women, to which 82.33% of the respondents replied in affirmative. Only a small minority comprising of 13.74% of the respondents said they had no idea about this fact, while 3.93% of the respondents have no clue what breast cancer is. All in all, the good news is the level of awareness about breast cancer is remarkably high amongst people that can prove to be an essential step in fighting it.

Losing A Loved One to Breast Cancer 

Dealing with any kind of cancer, at any stage, is extremely difficult. It undoubtedly requires strength, courage, and an immense amount of support from family and friends. It is a test for both the patients and their loved ones. So, to see how many people have had to deal with the loss of someone they knew because of breast cancer, we conducted a poll with 3,882 respondents. Fortunately, the majority of the respondents (71.90%) haven't lost any of their loved ones to breast cancer, while many others haven't been so fortunate. Some people had lost their friend (9.56%), some had to deal with the death of their mother (4.02%), and some had to endure the loss of their sister (2.73%). Out of the lot, 4.12% of the respondents also know of a man who has died of breast cancer. And some people (7.68%) haven't come in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Do You Know Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too?

Everyone has some level of awareness about breast cancer, but many still don't know the fact that men can develop breast cancer too. Though a rare phenomenon, it is nevertheless a possibility. In about every 100 breast cancer cases diagnosed in the United States, one is found in a man. And, in order to measure the level of awareness about this fact, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll with 3,819 respondents. While 45.25% of the respondents have no idea about it, 36.63% of the respondents are aware of this fact. 14.66% of the respondents are not ready to believe that there is any truth in this statement, and 2.49% are adamant that breast cancer is a myth that is being spread by pharmaceuticals for their profits. 0.97% of the respondents have sadly lost their husbands to breast cancer.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It becomes relatively easy to deal with a disease, especially cancer, if it is detected at an initial stage. The same is the case with breast cancer. Doctors unanimously recommend that women in the age group of 50 and 74 years are at average risk for breast cancer and should get a mammogram done every two years. So, to see how many people actually go for breast cancer screening, we asked 3,838 respondents whether they had gone for one recently or had accompanied anyone. While 71.08% of the respondents said no, on the other hand, 6.07% have had to go for their own screening quite recently. And, 12.09% and 10.76% of the respondents have taken a family member and a friend, respectively, for screening. 

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Did you know breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in women worldwide?
Yes. I know that.(82.33%)
No. I had no idea(13.74%)
I have no idea what breast cancer is. (3.93%)
Votes: 4199

PlayStation 5: A Must-Buy or A Pass?

The PlayStation is not just a gaming console; it is a cult for gamers. People all over the world eagerly wait for the launch of the new PlayStation. And this year, Sony will be launching the much-awaited PlayStation 5. So, to see how people were reacting to this news, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll with 2,773 respondents. We asked them whether they are looking forward to buying the new PlayStation 5 or not. 41.54% of the respondents seem to be hardcore gaming-enthusiasts who say that they can't wait to buy the new PlayStation, while 33.29% of the respondents think that they are finally over it. 12.80% of the respondents say that they were planning to buy it, but now, they don't want it anymore. 12.37% of the respondents, however, don't even know what a PlayStation is! All-in-all, the verdict seems to be divided on whether people will be buying the new PlayStation or not. 

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Are you looking forward to buy the new Play Station 5?
Yes. I can't wait to buy it.(41.54%)
Not so much. I think I'm over it.(33.29%)
I was. But I don't want it anymore.(12.8%)
I don't even know what that is.(12.37%)
Votes: 2773

Is the Clock Ticking for TikTok?

TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing and social networking service, was released in 2016. It is available in 155 countries and has seen over two billion downloads to date. In just a few years, the app's popularity had skyrocketed to such great heights that it had become an incredibly attractive portal for users and marketers alike. In 2020, however, the tide has turned as many countries have started imposing a ban on the app. Our recent poll also addresses this issue with a simple question to 2,204 respondents 'whether they think Tik Tok should be banned in the United States or not. The majority of the respondents (38.66%) support the motion as they feel all Chinese apps should be banned. 18.97% of the users vote for a ban on the grounds of it being a waste of time and effort. On the other end exists a group of people who maintain a completely different opinion. 18.97% of them think there isn't any need to ban the app if TikTok can guarantee that the user data is not being misused. 18.51% of the respondents also oppose the ban as they feel that TikTok is an effective way to cope with the depressing times of Covid-19. 4.90% of the respondents, however, haven't heard of the app before and thus have no opinion on the issue.

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Do you think TikTok should be banned in the US.
No. TikTok is good way to cope with Covid-19.(18.51%)
Yes. All apps from China should be banned.(38.66%)
No. If TikTok assures no user data is misused.(18.97%)
Yes. It is a waste of time and efforts.(18.97%)
I don't know what TikTok is.(4.9%)
Votes: 2204

The Mind-Numbing Side Effects of Covid-19

Apart from the many health concerns being talked about the coronavirus, one rarely talks about its repercussions on mental health. Being locked up in one's home is not that easy. Some people do have family they can turn to when alone, but millions of people live far away from their families. What do you do when you find yourself alone at home? What happens when you can't move out to meet your friends? It is imperative we talk about mental health in these times, and that's what we have attempted with our latest poll. We asked 2,022 respondents whether they feel Covid-19 has affected their mental health and 20.82% of them agree to the fact that they feel lonely and anxious most of the time. 26.46% of the respondents say they get really lonely sometimes, but they get over it soon. Sadly, this isn't the case for the 7.47% of the respondents who claim that they already have depression, and the pandemic has just made it worse. On a positive note, 45.25% of the respondents reveal that the pandemic has not affected their mental health in any which way, and they are perfectly fine.

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Has Covid-19 affected your mental health?
Yes. I am lonely and anxious most of the time. (20.82%)
No. I’m doing perfectly fine. (45.25%)
I get really lonely sometimes but get over it. (26.46%)
I have depression, and this has made it worse. (7.47%)
Votes: 2022

A New Hobby. A New You.

Phyllis McGinley, an American author, once said: 'A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.' And we couldn't agree more. The pandemic has left us all with a lot of time on our hands, and if we use it wisely, we can make the most of it to acquire new skills. Not only will it help us pass the time but enrich our lives in ways we can't imagine. Taking this thought further, we asked 1,912 respondents whether they had picked up a new hobby recently or not. 30.07% of the respondents got their chef's hat out as they have taken up cooking and baking in their free time. 19.77% of the respondents are getting their hands dirty with gardening, and 12.60% of the respondent have started learning a musical instrument. 12.81% have initiated a new literary journey as they have begun reading novels, and 10.41% of them have set their minds on learning a new language. 14.33% of the people, however, haven't taken up a new hobby.

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Have you picked up a new hobby recently?
Yes. I have started learning a musical instrument. (12.65%)
Yes. I have started gardening.(19.76%)
Yes. I have started cooking and baking.(30.06%)
Yes. I have started learning a new language. (10.4%)
Yes. I have started reading novels etc. (12.81%)
No. I don’t have any hobbies. (14.32%)
Votes: 1913

Masks: The Best Bet Against Coronavirus?

'Wear a mask!' can easily be the most used phrase of the year 2020. It is probably one of the things that can contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, keeping everyone safe and out of the harms way. A few people, however, do maintain a different point of view as we can spot them roaming on the streets and in markets without wearing their masks. They are either oblivious to the seriousness of the pandemic or are consciously choosing to go out without wearing one. The world is divided on the subject of wearing masks, and it became all the more important for us to conduct a poll to get a better insight into the situation. So, we carried out a poll with 1,816 respondents asking them one simple question  how crucial it is to wear a mask in the battle against the coronavirus. The majority of the respondents (83.98%) stand for the motion as they think that wearing masks is a sure-shot way to curb the virus from spreading. 9.14% of the respondents oppose this view as they don't feel that masks are essential. 5.84% of the respondents don't know what to make of this situation, while a nonchalant group of people (1.05%) state that they don't really care whether people wear a mask or not. The poll reveals a divided verdict and we think until and unless we all are on the same page, it will be difficult to control the pandemic.


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Wearing masks is really crucial in the battle against Covid-19. Do you agree?
No I don't.(9.14%)
Yes I agree(83.98%)
I don't know(5.84%)
I really don't care.(1.05%)
Votes: 1816

Dealing with the Hard Facts of the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard. It has not only shaken the financial and social fabric of the world but has caused devastation in the lives of millions. Very recently, the death toll of the pandemic had crossed the one million mark, and we can't imagine the impact it would have had on their friends and families. It is a void no one can ever fill. Our latest poll is also based on this same sad fact  the personal loss incurred to people due to the pandemic. Out of the 1,765 people we asked, 40.89% of them have had to deal with a death due to Covid-19. 7.76% of them have lost a family member to coronavirus, while 16.66% have lost someone they knew. 15.47% of them didn't have to face the personal loss directly, but they do know of someone who has. 44.93% of the respondents haven't lost anyone in the pandemic, and 15.18% have neither lost nor know someone who has. 

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Have you lost someone to Covid-19?
Yes, I have lost a family member. (7.76%)
Yes, I have lost someone I knew. (16.66%)
No, I haven’t lost anyone(44.93%)
I haven’t but I know someone who has. (15.47%)
Neither I have lost anyone nor someone I know has. (15.18%)
Votes: 1765

The Big Fat Indian (Pandemic) Wedding 


Who said marriages are only made in heaven Some marriages -especially the ones in 2020 - are made in the pandemic. It has been one of the events that even the mighty pandemic couldn't stop. People are getting married, and the guests are gracing all their functions like nothing has changed. The only new addition perhaps is the designer masks in coordination with the lehenga's and sherwani's. To get a better insight into the phenomenon and see how many weddings are actually taking place, we conducted a poll with 1,921 respondents. We asked them whether they had attended any wedding after the spread of Covid-19 in their region, and 39.77% of respondents replied with a resounding yes. Out of them, 27.28% of them say they have been to one wedding since, while 12.49% of them have attended more than one wedding during the pandemic. 58.36% of the respondents, however, say they haven?t been to any wedding. They also do not know anyone who got married in these times. The poll also had a few newlywed respondents (1.87%) who revealed that their wedding actually did take place in the pandemic. And one thing's for certain  it would have been a ceremony no one will ever forget!


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Have you been to a wedding since Covid-19 broke out in your region?
Yes. I have been to one since then. (27.28%)
Yes. I have been to more than one since then(12.49%)
No. Nobody I know got married after Covid-19 broke out(58.36%)
I got married during this. (1.87%)
Votes: 1921

Caffeine and Covid-19

As people are spending more and more time at their homes, there are bound to be changes in their lifestyles and eating habits; the primary reason being the easy access to everything. Be it in the form of munchies or caffeine  our diets are no longer the same. And all this is happening without people realizing this fact. So, to bring this issue into the cognizance of the world, we conducted a poll with 1,801 respondents. We asked them a simple question of whether their caffeine intake had increased at home, to which the majority replied with an affirmative. 41.03% and 19.43% of the respondents now drink two to four cups of tea and coffee, respectively, in a day. 8.50% and 3.50% of the respondents claim that they consume more than five cups of tea and coffee, respectively, in a day. Only a small group of respondents (19.38%) seem to be conscious of their eating patterns as they keep a tab of their caffeine intake. At the other end of the spectrum lives a group of respondents (8.16%) who do not consume tea or coffee at all. It seems they are a lucky lot who needn't worry about their caffeine intake during the pandemic.

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Have your caffeine intake increased at home?
Yes. I drink 2-4 cups of tea a day. (41.03%)
Yes. It’s easily more than 5 cups of tea a day. (8.5%)
Yes. I drink 2-4 cups of coffee a day(19.43%)
Yes. It’s easily more than 5 cups of coffee a day. (3.5%)
No. I keep a check on my caffeine(19.38%)
I don’t drink tea or coffee. (8.16%)
Votes: 1801