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Closed Polls

More money, Family, Hobby Tops the New Year Resolution

As we are all set to welcome grand New Year, people have made up their minds and are ready with the New Year?s resolution. We conducted a poll and inviting the participants to share their resolution for the year. A total of 922 participants shared their views with us. For 277 respondents earning more money is the goal for this year. For 184 participants, spending more time with friends and family is going to be the top priority. The number of participants willing to acquire a new skill set comes third. For 17% of participants, i.e., 157 respondents, taking care of health is the resolution of the year. Five percent of the voters, i.e., 46 people have not made up their mind while 6% of the participants, i.e., 55 voters will be working on getting rid of a limiting habit.

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What is going to be your new year resolution?
More money(30.89%)
Get rid of a limiting habit(7.01%)
Acquire a new skill(19.93%)
Spend more time with family and friends(20.26%)
Be healthier(17.31%)
Haven't decided(5.59%)
Votes: 913

Poll on Government and Politics


Possessing Lethal Weapons Should Be Banned, Says the Poll

As the true representative of its global community, Opinion Bureau conducts polls on various topics of significance. There have been 11 cases of shootings on American school and college campuses. In the wake of shooting by a student in school premises, it asked the participants to share their opinion on the possession of the gun. We asked whether there should be a total ban on all private guns. In response, the majority of the participants, i.e.,62.45% voted in affirmative.  Nineteen percent of the participants feel that only semi automatic and assault weapons should be disallowed. 18% participants feel that keeping arms is one?s right and should be exercised at one?s discretion if there is a need for security.


Out of a total of 1060 voters, 662 respondents are in favor of a total ban, 201 respondents support banning of only the lethal weapons while 18.4% believe that the possession should be left to the owner's discretion.


Opinion Bureau Note:

There seems to be a consensus on banning lethal weapons; easy accessibility these arms may be one of the key reasons contributing to the increasing numbers of shooting across the states. 

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Should there be a total ban on all private guns?
Yes, only the armed forces need them(62.69%)
Not at all - it is a right(18.47%)
Yes, but only semi automatic and assault weapons(19.22%)
Votes: 1056

For the majority, Climate Change Crisis Is An Emergency


Climate Change is a burning topic, and according to the scientists and Green movement activists, the only way to spread awareness is by beginning to talk about it. Keeping this in mind, we conducted we keep on conducting polls on climate change from time to time. Recently, we conducted a poll when Iceland held a funeral to come and berate the death of its eternal glacier, Okjokull. A total of 1132 participants voters participated in the pool. 63.43% of the participants, i.e., 708 voters, will believe that climate change is a serious crisis. Two hundred fifty participants think that the situation is alarming and it should be declared an emergency now. Seven percent of participants believe that there is time to undo the damage done. Approximately 4% of participants don?t find it to be a serious issue while three percent of participants acknowledge that climate change is a serious crisis but they also feel that it can be reversed easily.

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Okjokull, hailed as one of the 'eternal' glaciers of Iceland lost to Climate Change. Do you think Climate Change is a serious crisis?
It is, absolutely(63.6%)
It is an emergency now(22.23%)
We've got time(6.55%)
No, it's not serious(4.43%)
Yes. But it can be reversed easily(3.45%)
Votes: 1129

From technology, science, finance to education and everyday business, we like to accommodate voices of our global community on various topics of their interest. Besides capturing the pulse of proactive consumers, these polls also lead to a deeper insight into a given topic. As the leading community which lends a voice to its consumers, we conducted a poll and asked participants to share their willingness on adopting 5G technology. In response, 70% of the participants seem to be ready to embrace it. For 23.4% of the participants ?wait-and-watch? is the mantra until the technology is fully developed and attains maturity. Fifty-seven participants i.e., 6% of the respondents, show their disinterest owing to the geographical limitations of their place of residence or working.


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Will you be adopting 5G very soon?
Yes, and looking forward to it(70.85%)
No, I will wait for the technology to mature(23.62%)
No, its not due for my area for a long time!(6.28%)
Votes: 940

Poll on mental illness reveals surprising responses from participants


As the true representative of a global community, we keep conducting polls that give the voice to people's concerns. Recently we conducted a poll on mental illness and got their responses from the party participants on a variety of questions related to mental illness. In one of the questions, we asked the participants if they chose to consult a specialist in case of experiencing depressive state or other mental illnesses. 55% of the participants Believe in visiting a specialist citing it to be an important matter. It was followed by the surprising number of percentage of participants that is 31% for participants who keep consulting friends or family members as the first choice followed by seeing a specialist. 5% of the polled participants hesitate to seek advice. 4% of the participants are ready to consult only if it is approved by their family. 2% of the participants chose not to say anything about it. According to WHO, 450 million people are suffering from some form of mental disorder worldwide. Considering this big number, it is imperative for the wellness bodies to work on addressing the stigma attached to mental illness. 

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If you are suffering from a mental health problem like anxiety or depression, would you consider visiting a specialist?
No. I would never. People will think I'm crazy(6.0%)
I would like to, but first I'll seek solution from close friends or family.(31.13%)
Yes. It is as important as any other treatment for my well being(55.35%)
Yes, but only if my family permits (4.56%)
Can't say(3.04%)
Votes: 1317

Majority of the respondents believe people suffering from mental health problems must not be stigmatized


In this highly competitive world it has become very likely for people to become a strong target of mental health issues. 

We conducted a poll asking 1144 people if mental health is as important as physical health of a person and should it be stigmatized? 82% of the participants believe in treating mental illness as important as any physical illness. 8% acknowledge the illness but don't consider it as normal. 7% of the respondents sternly believe people suffering from mental illness should be institutionalised.  While 2% think people should just deal with it on their own, 1% chose to not say anything. 

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Do you think mental health is as important as physical health and it should not be stigmatized?
No, it is different. People with mental health issues should be admitted to asylums(6.91%)
Yes of course. It's a common problem and should be taken as seriously as any physical problem(81.71%)
It's not serious; People should deal with it on their own(2.27%)
Yes, but it is still a mental health issue and we can't accept it as normal(7.26%)
Can't say(1.92%)
Votes: 1143

A majority believes politics is becoming more intolerant 

In recent months we have seen some of the populist opinions to be trending. 

Often, social media is replete with messages which spark strong views and counter views.

In some of the countries, there have been efforts to contain the majoritarian views from reigning over the minorities' views. 

To get a better understanding of the issue, we asked the poll participants to reflect on the current day politics. 

We asked if it was becoming more intolerant and endorsing the extreme approach. 

The response reflected a wide split of opinions. Nearly 90% of the poll participants agree with the statement of politics inclining towards intolerance. 

26% of the participants believe that it is prevalent only in certain countries, while 64% of the participants believe that politics is becoming more extreme and intolerant. 

11% of the participants ruled out this perspective; they think that the divided opinions always existed in politics.

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Is politics becoming more extreme and intolerant?
Yes, on both the right and left sides(63.64%)
Only in certain countries(25.42%)
No, it has always been divided(10.94%)
Votes: 1188

Online Purchase: Necessity Wins Over Aspiration


To get to the pulse of online shoppers, we conducted a poll asking the respondents to share their opinion on the driving factor behind online sales. We asked the participants to The reason for which they make online sales during the festival season. In response, 45% of the participants shared that they purchase online only when they need things genuinely. 10% of the participants believed that it was their impulse buying. 18% of the participant had a different reason as they shared that they make the online purchase because of irresistible discounts on offer. 20% of the participants sided with rational buying discarding the impulsive buying approach. The response from 4% of the participants was inconclusive.  We take pride in conducting polls that are relevant to our global community. Besides getting the quest-full consensus, it also provides our users with an opportunity to voice their opinion on relevant topics. [This poll outcome may excite market research companies to dig deeper into consumer behavior. The companies interested in gauging consumer behavior will need to corroborate the buying behavior, with scientifically framed a series of questions targeted at the demographically selected respondents to get meaningful insight.]

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Do you always buy things you need in online festival sales?
It's unplanned purchase I regret later.(10.0%)
Discounts are irresistible(18.24%)
I don't buy impulsively(22.79%)
Can't say(3.68%)
Votes: 680

Zombieland: Participants Endorse ..shut up!


After a decade of wait, the next version of the Zombieland movie got the attention of the moviegoers. Going by the responses of the participants the movie seems to be worth the wait. The movie did deliver according to the expectation. Apart from the retaining of the original star cast and the cult direction the credit also goes to the comic timing and the dramatization. This is what was reflected in our opinion poll. We asked the participants about their anticipation of this movie, Zombieland: Double Tap. In response to the question of how they treated the movie, 54% of participants favored the movie. Out of it, 23% of participants found it to be funny. 18% of participants thought it to be better than its prequel while 13% believed that it repeated the previous magic. 10% of the participants went to watch without any expectation while the response of 37% of participants was inconclusive.  

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Zombieland: Double Tap movie. Are you looking forward to the next story of zombie slayers?
Yes. It’s funny(48.2%)
It should repeat previous magic(12.31%)
Hoping it to be better than 2009 release(19.11%)
I’ll watch with no expectations(9.34%)
Can’t say(11.04%)
Votes: 471